16. Nano Adenosine (Cordyceps Siensis)

Nano Adenosine has a size of 20-35 nm, completely retaining the chemical structure and biological nature of Adenosine, providing a product with high safety, outstanding and fast effectiveness. Nano Adenosine is completely soluble in water, increasing bioavailability to the maximum level.

What is Adenosine?
Adenosine is a water-soluble yeast-derived ingredient that functions as a good soothing and skin-restoring agent. It has been proven to have anti-wrinkle effects and is a safe ingredient, suitable for all skin types. Studies also indicate strong potential for this ingredient’s soothing properties.

One of the special properties of adenosine is that it is a natural component of the body and its receptors have been specifically identified in skin cells, making it possible for the skin to connect directly with this component. when applied topically.
Uses of Nano Adenosine
Cardiovascular protectionAdenosine, a type of nucleotide, has the ability to affect heart-related problems by slowing down electrical impulses and stabilizing heart rate. In addition, adenosine also helps increase blood flow to the heart.

Prevents lack of oxygenAdenosine has the ability to prevent lack of oxygen, ensuring that biochemical processes in the body occur normally. This contributes to improving sleep quality, helping you have a deeper and more comfortable sleep.
Reduces symptoms related to cancerIntravenous administration of adenosine may help people undergoing cancer treatment and experiencing weight loss by increasing appetite. This helps significantly reduce disease symptoms.

Improve skin brightnessAdenosine has the ability to promote stronger skin cell activity and regeneration, helping the skin become bright and smooth by quickly eliminating cells containing melanin.
Prevent the aging processAdenosine stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, helping to reduce sagging skin. In addition, it also increases blood circulation in the skin, helping to restore damage and fill in wrinkles. Regular use of adenosine will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin healthy, fresh and smooth.

Soothes skin and fights inflammationAdenosine is an ingredient that has the ability to communicate between cells, instructing them to function properly and maximize skin cell activity, preventing dysfunctional effects. Adenosine has also been shown to have anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin.
Nano Adenosine is produced using modern Nano technology
The introduction of nano-form Adenosine will retain Adenosine’s medicinal properties, while increasing bioavailability, thanks to reducing molecular size and increasing targeting ability.
Nano Adenosine is superior, thanks to:
Adenosine raw materials imported from the US reach 80% purity (the highest in the world), almost completely removing impurities, safe, benign, with no side effects. Adenosine nanoparticles with extremely small particle size of 20 – 50 nanometers, stable, perfectly absorbed into the blood and cells, not eliminated. The solution is completely soluble in water, absorbs up to 99.9%. Nanoparticles are spherical in shape, accurately targeting the damaged site, avoiding wasting medicinal materials. Increase efficiency, reduce dosage, reduce costs.
Packaging specifications and packaging materials
Packaging: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 4 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters.
Close the glass jar or plastic container. Packaging meets quality standards used in food according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.
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