2. Nano Rutin

Nano Rutin is hundreds of times more effective than raw rutin, with an exclusive patented ultra-small size of 20-50 nanometers. Supports the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, blood pressure, and stroke prevention.

Nano Rutin is now available in both SOLUTION and POWDER FORM
Rutin, a type of vitamin P, has the effect of enhancing capillary resistance. Rutin is used by Traditional Medicine as a valuable “remedy” for diseases: venous pain; internal bleeding; hemorrhoids; prevent strokes caused by ruptured veins or arteries; Preventing mucositis side effects of cancer treatment.
Rutin is considered a “miracle drug” for hemorrhoids, but the major disadvantage of rutin is that it is poorly soluble in water, has low absorption, and is easily excreted. This means that a large amount of rutin must be used to be effective, which comes with unwanted side effects. Products containing rutin or rose extracts currently mainly stop at clearing heat, detoxifying or temporarily stopping bleeding.
OIC NEW has applied nanotechnology in research and production, rutin molecules are prepared in microscopic sizes of only 20-50 nm. This ultra-small size and a new generation of targeted packaging will help rutin’s bioavailability increase hundreds of times compared to the normal molecular size. This helps maximize rutin’s effectiveness and effect on cells.

Nano Rutin OIC was granted Useful Solution Patent No. 2490 by the Intellectual Property Office on the process of preparing rutin nano microemulsion system. 98% pure rutin input material from Vietnam and imported auxiliary materials meet USP/EP international pharmacopoeia standards.
Nano RutinAccessories: Lecithin, PEG600, Acrysol K-140, Polysorbate 80Microemulsion (solution) and Powder form
Particle size: 20-50 nanometers, spherical, uniformly distributed
Original material: 98% pure Rutin – Vietnam
Supports strengthening vascular wall strength. Helps reduce symptoms of hemorrhoids
Intended use:
Demented people with symptoms of bleeding and burning pain. People with swelling due to soft tissue damage. Expiry date: 36 months from date of manufacture
Packaging specifications and packaging materials
Close the glass jar or plastic container. The packaging meets quality standards used in food according to regulations of the Ministry of Health
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