4. Nano Quercetin

Nano Quercetin is used for people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Covid prevention. Nano form is hundreds of times more effective.

Uses: Helps reduce blood fat and strengthen blood vessel walls; Helps reduce manifestations and risk of hypertension. Quercetin is an active ingredient to treat Covid – 19 that is trusted by the medical community, the purchasing power of quercetin in the world is very large. Scientific studies prove that Quercetin has very good effects on Covid-19 and cancer:
The University of Tennessee used high-powered computer screens to examine the substances that could best prevent the coronavirus from binding to cells. 1 of the top 5 natural compounds: Quercetin. Quercetin has the ability to both bind to the S protein and disrupt the ACE2 protein interaction, making Covid unable to infect host cells. In vitro showed that Quercetin inhibits coronavirus RNA polymerase activity; Prevents RNA replication, beneficial in fighting infections. Nano Quercetin has anti-proliferative properties, reverses multidrug resistance, promotes autophagy and regulates the tumor microenvironment in many types of cancer.

2. Origin of Nano Quercetin raw material
Quercetin (from rose buds) is 98% pure and imported from the USNanotechnology: quercetin is nanoized down to an extremely small molecular size of only 20-50 nanometers to help increase absorption and bioavailability hundreds of times. The solution is completely soluble in water.

3. Ingredients
– Nano Quercetin
– Accessories: Lecithin, PEG600, Acrysol K-140, Polysorbate 80
– Particle size: 20-50 nanometers, spherical, evenly distributed
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