43. Nano Kitozaru M(Nano Chitosan)

Nano Chitosan has a size of 20-30 nm, completely retaining the chemical structure and biological nature of Astaxanthin, providing a product with high safety, outstanding and fast effectiveness. Nano Chitosan is completely soluble in water, increasing bioavailability to the maximum level.

What is Kitozaru M?

Kitozaru M acid, also known as Chitosan, is an N-deacetylated derivative of Chitin – a polysaccharide found in fungi, yeast, marine invertebrates and arthropods. Chitin is used to produce Chitosan.

Chitin is a linear polysaccharide, a polymer of many N-acetyl-glucosamine units linked together by a β-1,4glucoside bridge. Because natural Chitin found in shrimp shells is often bound to Protein, Lipid, Calcium, pigment… it often has to be cleaned before use to produce Chitosan.

Structural formula of Kitozaru M

Uses of Nano Kitozaru M

  1.   Chitosan in medicine

Chitosan has the ability to promote blood clotting. Chitosan salts obtained from mixing chitosan with organic acids such as succinic or lactic acid will act on red blood cell membranes and platelets, causing blood clot formation to occur more quickly. The US Marine Corps tested a chitosan preparation on pigs and showed 100% hemostasis and arterial wound recovery. The United States and Europe allow use in hemostatic dressings. Both the United States and Britain have used hemostatic dressings containing chitosan on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chitosan is found in shrimp shells2.

2. In medicine

 Chitosan is biodegradable and biodegradable.

Low toxicity, high biological activity and diversity such as antibacterial, antifungal, and cell proliferation. Strengthens the body’s immunity by stimulating white blood cell production and reducing blood cholesterol. Limits tumor growth, has good effects on wounds and burns.

Chitosan is researched in the biomedical field for the purpose of stopping bleeding in wounds. Chitosan solution was mixed into hemostatic medicine, the results showed that after stopping the bleeding, the wound’s swelling was reduced and the skin healed quickly.

3. In the cosmetics industry

Chitosan is used as a makeup remover because it is safe and non-toxic for users. Because when exposed to organic acids, chitosan makes these acids become viscous, easily wiped off the surface.

Chitosan is used in the production of anti-dry skin creams. Due to the nature of chitosan being easily fixed on the skin epidermis by NH4+ groups, scientists often attach it to water-retaining agents or UV filters. Therefore, chitosan is the link between the active ingredients of the cream and the skin.4.

4. In the food industry

Because food is affected by environmental factors, food preservation time is not long. Therefore, many types of safe materials are researched to preserve food. Among them, chitosan is one of the popular options. Chitosan is used in the food industry as a preservative because of its high anti-bacterial properties and resistance to many different types of bacteria.

5. In agriculture

Due to Chitosan’s antifungal and biodegradable properties, this product is often used to coat seeds. This is to inhibit harmful fungi. In addition, it also enhances the resistance ability of plants

Used as a main ingredient in fungicides (blast, sheath blight…)

Used as a plant growth stimulant for rice, industrial crops, and fruit trees

Nano Kitozaru M is manufactured using modern Nano technology

Nano technology has overcome the weakness of Kitozaru M’s poor absorption ability by reducing Kitozaru M to a microscopic form of about 10-50nm in size without completely changing its chemical structure and biological nature. Initially, providing products with high safety, outstanding efficiency and speed. This ultra-small size and a new generation of targeted packaging will help Nano Kitozaru M to be completely soluble in water, increasing bioavailability hundreds of times compared to normal molecular size.

Exclusive preparation process of Nano Kitozaru M microemulsion system of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company

Nano Kitozaru M liquid material is superior thanks to:

  • Kitozaru M ingredients from shrimp shells with 98% purity are imported from the EU and auxiliary ingredients imported from the US and EU meet international pharmacopoeia standards.
  • The size of medicinal medicinal particles is extremely small, only 10-20 nm.
  • Kitozaru M Nano particles are spherical, durable, and not destroyed by stomach acid.
  • Microemulsion form completely dissolves in water, absorbing 99.9% into blood and cells.
  • Exclusive PEG and PLA encapsulating membranes target the exact location of the injury.
  • Nano Kitozaru M is hundreds of times more effective than regular Kitozaru M

Packaging specifications and packaging materials

Packaging: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 4 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters.

Close the glass jar or plastic container. Packaging meets quality standards used in food according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.


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