9. Nano Gamma Oryzanol

Nano Gamma Oryzanol has a size of 20-30 nm, completely retaining the chemical structure and biological nature of Gamma Oryzanol, providing a product with high safety, outstanding and fast effectiveness. Nano TGamma Oryzanol is completely soluble in water, increasing bioavailability to the maximum level.

Where does Gamma Oryzanol come from?
Gamma-oryzanol, a phytosterol derived from rice bran oil, consists of a mixture of plant sterols esterified with phenol, ferulic acid. Phytosterols play several important roles in plants, including growth, development, membrane fluidity, and as antioxidants.

Gamma-oryzanol was first isolated from rice bran oil by Kaneko and Tsuchiya (Japanese researchers) in the early 1950s and has been used in Japan to treat anxiety, menopausal symptoms, and ulcers. stomach, increased blood lipids.
Gamma-oryzanol is found in the largest quantities in rice bran oil, the gamma-oryzanol content in rice bran oil is about 1% or 10mg/gram. In addition, this active ingredient is also found in corn, barley, vegetable oils, rye and wheat bran.

Gamma-oryzanol is not a substance, but a mixture of esters of ferulic acid with 10 triterpene alcohols: delta7-stigmastenyl ferulate, stigmasteryl ferulate, cycloartenyl ferulate, 24-methylenecycloartenyl ferulate, delta7-campestenylferulate, campesteryl ferulate, delta7-sitostenyl ferulate , sitosteryl ferulate, compestanyl ferulate and sitostanyl ferulate.
Cycloartenyl ferulate, 24-methylenecycloartanyl ferulate and campesteryl ferulate are the three main components of gamma-oryzanol. The basic structure of gamma-oryzanols is ferulic acid esterified to cyclopentanoperihydrophenanthrene.
Uses of Gamma oryzanol
1.Reduce cholesterol in the blood.
Gamma oryzanol prevents cholesterol absorption by intestinal cells, its mechanism is to inhibit the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase (stain), an enzyme that promotes cholesterol production. Gamma-oryzanol inhibits the absorption of dietary cholesterol and also inhibits the reabsorption of endogenous cholesterol from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, studies also show that using rice bran oil for 4 consecutive weeks will help reduce total cholesterol in plasma by about 6.3%, reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) by 10.5%, and reduce the rate of LDL/HDL (good HDL cholesterol) down to about 18.6%.
2. Prevent arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis
Studies show that enzymes in rice bran help reduce cholesterol and prevent the development of atherosclerotic plaque in mice with atherosclerosis and a high-fat diet. This compound reduces aortic fatty chains – visible damage in the process of arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis is the main cause of heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, internal bleeding for patients with chronic diseases. Most of these diseases are dangerous because they pose a direct threat to life.
3. Gamma oryzanol is beneficial for diabetes.
Gamma oryzanol improves sugar levels by improving the function and survival of pancreatic beta cells (cells that release insulin). This compound directly acts on the pancreas to increase glucose-stimulating insulin production. In addition, it also enhances glucose absorption by fat cells, preventing the reduction of adiponectin (it is secreted by fat cells and acts as a hormone with anti-inflammatory effects and increases insulin sensitivity) in diabetics. Sugar. It should be noted that Gamma oryzanol does not directly produce insulin, but it acts to regulate autonomic nerves, improve the body’s immunity and improve the level of insulin in the body.
4. Gamma oryzanol is anti-inflammatory.
Some studies have shown that gamma oryzanol has anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting the activity of the pro-inflammatory transcription factor NF – kappaB in macrophages. In mice gamma oryzanol reduced inflammatory mediators such as PGE2, TNF-alpha and LL-6. For humans, especially diabetics, the anti-inflammatory mechanism of gamma oryzanol is an effective solution to combat complications related to wound ulcers. Prevents ulcers and wounds that take longer to heal due to weakened immune system in diabetics.
5. Antioxidant and protects cells against oxidation reactions.
Gamma oryzanol has been shown to have a variety of antioxidant activities by scavenging free radicals such as hydroxyl radical, superoxide anion radical and DPPH radical (2,2-diphenyl-I-picrylhydrazyl, a stable radical). In addition, it also inhibits lipid peroxidation caused by the azo compound AMVN (2,2′-azobis [2,4 dimethylvaleronitrile]). And it is also thought that the antioxidant activity of gamma-oryzanol may be due to mainly due to its metabolite, phenolic ferulic acid. Ferulic phenolic acid has strong antioxidant activity, due to the chemical properties of the phenolic hydroxyl group. In addition, ferulic acid has been shown to inhibit the expression or activity of cytotoxic enzymes, including nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), caspase and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). According to studies, it has also been found that the antioxidant capacity of gamma oryzanol is 4 times higher than that of vitamin E. Recently, people often Use it in whitening cosmetics because it has the ability to slow down the progression of melanin pigmentation by preventing the impact of ultraviolet rays on the surface of the skin, limiting melasma, freckles, and dark spots. .
6. Effects on the nervous system and premenopausal symptoms.
Gamma oryzanol is effective in reducing symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia in premenopausal people. Furthermore, the combination of gamma-oryzanol and plant sterols has been used in the treatment of senile dementia, arteriosclerosis, and cerebellum. The mechanism of action of β-oryzanol is believed to be related to catecholamine metabolism in the hypothalamus.
7. Gamma oryzanol interaction with substances.
Some active ingredients may interact with gamma-oryzanol such as: Ezetimibe can inhibit the absorption of gamma-oryzanol in the small intestine. Besides, gamma-oryzanol was found to have no inhibitory effect on gamma-oryzanol. Cytochrome P450 activities in human liver microsomes. This suggests that gamma-oryzanol will not cause clinically significant interactions with drugs that metabolize cytochrome P450. Not only that, combined use of the long-chain polyunsaturated acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) along with gamma oryzanol can create a synergistic effect in lowering blood lipids. With the great uses of gamma oryzanol, the compound is currently prepared and applied to drugs related to diabetes, support and treatment for diabetic patients to stabilize blood sugar, and reduce complications related to atherosclerosis such as high blood pressure, stroke and, most dangerous, cardiovascular complications.
Nano Gamma-oryzanol is produced using modern Nano technology
Nano technology has overcome the weakness of poor absorption of Gamma-oryzanol by reducing Gamma-oryzanol to a microscopic form with a size of 20-30nm without completely changing the chemical structure and nature. original biology, providing products with high safety, outstanding effectiveness and speed. This ultra-small size and a new generation of targeted packaging will help Nano Gamma-oryzanol to be completely soluble in water, increasing bioavailability hundreds of times compared to normal molecular size. .
Exclusive preparation process of Nano Gamma-oryzanol microemulsion system of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company
Nano Gamma-oryzanol material in solution form is superior thanks to:
Gamma-oryzanol raw material from high purity rice bran oil imported from Japan and auxiliary ingredients imported from the US and EU meet international pharmacopoeia standards. The size of medicinal medicinal particles is extremely small, only 20-30 nm. Gamma-oryzanol Nano particles are spherical, stable, and not destroyed by gastric acid. Microemulsion form completely dissolves in water, absorbing 99.9% into blood and cells. Exclusive PEG and PLA encapsulating membranes target the exact location of the injury. Nano Gamma-oryzanol is hundreds of times more effective than regular Gamma-oryzanol.
Packaging specifications and packaging materials
Packaging: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 4 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters, 15 liters, 20 liters.
Close the glass jar or plastic container. Packaging meets quality standards used in food according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.
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