After giving birth, a woman’s body has many changes, one of which is amnesia – forgetfulness. So what should mothers do to change this situation? Please refer to the 8 ways below.

1. Do yoga 

Meditation helps improve memory very well

Yoga is an effective relaxation therapy for postpartum women. Through meditation, it will help the body to relax, the brain to rest and train the brain’s ability to focus. So every day, you should spend 10 minutes meditating, persistently doing will help the brain improve memory very well.

2. Exercise for the brain

Amnesia is a common phenomenon in many women after giving birth. To overcome this situation, mothers can apply exercises and memory training for the brain such as word puzzles, puzzle-solving, sudoku or games related to counting and remembering… significantly improve postpartum amnesia.

3. Observe and memorize

One of the ways to overcome postpartum amnesia is to strengthen the memory capacity of the brain. The way to do it is very simple, start by observing the items in the bedroom, kitchen, in your home and remember each object.
Note, you should start from familiar items, remembering from less to increase the number each day. By doing this, you have trained your brain to remember and overcome forgetfulness.

4. Avoid stress

Stress and fatigue are “enemies number 1” of dementia. Therefore, after giving birth, you should take time to rest and relax to avoid stress and fatigue. If you are under pressure about caring for your baby and have trouble sleeping, ask a loved one to help you get enough rest and sleep.

5. Listen to classical music

Listening to music helps to relax and improve memory very well

Music always makes people’s souls comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, to avoid stress and memory decline, you should listen to gentle classical symphonies. Time listening to music will help you completely relax, forget about anxiety and fatigue, and help your brain rest and recharge, which is great for improving memory and overcoming postpartum amnesia.

6. Get enough sleep

After giving birth, because the mother has to spend a lot of time taking care of the baby, the mother often suffers from severe sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep not only makes the body weak and tired, but also affects the memory function of the brain. Therefore, you should make time to sleep for 8 hours/day.

The long and deep sleep will help you quickly recover your health, relax your mind, and clear your mind. However, it should also be noted that sleeping pills should not be abused because they are not good for the nervous system. Ask a loved one to take care of the baby so you have plenty of time to rest and sleep.

7. Avoid stimulants and tobacco

Drinking coffee will affect your nervous system, coffee and stimulants will make it difficult for you to sleep and not good for the nervous system. Therefore, after giving birth, you absolutely must not drink coffee and use other stimulants that will harm your health.

8. Reasonable diet

Instead of looking for functional foods to help improve memory, you should build a balanced diet, full of essential nutrients for the body, absolutely not abstinence excessively. Prioritize foods that are good for the brain such as eggs, green apples, caviar, pumpkin seeds, strawberries, grapes…



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