The concept of abstinence was passed down by his father from ancient times. However, in some cases, abstinence is correct such as dressing discreetly, limiting salt and raw food, but abstaining from some nutritious foods is not recommended and unnecessary. Because too much abstinence will make the mother’s body weak, not enough requirements to produce milk for the baby.

Many women also abstain from eating and drinking because they are afraid of being fat, unable to lose weight after giving birth, this may adversely affect the mother’s milk supply and make the mother’s body lack nutrients, difficult to recover. The advice of experts is that pregnant women should eat well, and have a safe diet. Here are 12 extremely good foods for postpartum women.

1. Hot milk

After giving birth, a cup of hot milk is really necessary to help mothers quickly recover. Especially drinking hot milk at this time helps the mother to return milk quickly but again. During lactation, women should also drink hot milk regularly, it is very beneficial for health and quick recovery.

2. Lean beef

Lean beef is the first choice because it is not only full of energy but also rich in iron. Once the iron in the body is not supplied enough, it can make you feel tired.


In addition, when breastfeeding, you need to eat foods rich in protein and vitamin B12. Beef is the best source of these two nutrients.

Lean beef is the first choice because it is not only full of energy but also rich in iron.

3. Tomato

Tomatoes contain a lot of fiber, vitamins C, E, K, B1, B6, B2, B3, iron, manganese, potassium and many other substances beneficial to health. Therefore, women who are breastfeeding should eat as many tomatoes as possible to increase the amount of lycopene in breast milk.

4. Vegetable spinach

This is a very popular vegetable in our country. Spinach has a sweet, pale, viscous, and cool taste. Women after giving birth less milk, eating spinach will have more milk. In spinach, there are vitamins A3, B3, saponins, mucus and iron, so it is very good for new mothers.

5. Sweet potato vegetables

With a sweet, non-toxic taste, cool, boiled or fried sweet potato vegetables eat daily both to help laxatives and benefit milk. This is the food that mothers should choose to ensure good digestion, as well as the health of their children.

6. Jute vegetables

For the first week postpartum, women should eat 150-200 g of jute vegetables in the main meals daily. In the following weeks, eating twice a week from 200-250 g will greatly increase the amount of milk and the amount of fat in milk. Mothers can use jute vegetables to cook soup, very easy to eat and especially this is a popular vegetable in the summer, so it is easy to find.

7. Green papaya

Papaya contains a lot of protein, fat, vitamins A, B, C, D, E… Green papaya stew with pork leg is a dish that is handed down and widely used in folklore, this dish not only helps benefits milk but also helps treat dilute milk.


8. Figs

Many recent studies show that in 100g figs contain 1g protein, 0.4g fat, 12.6g sugar, 49mg Ca, 23mg, 0.4mg Fe, 0.05mg carotene, 12 non-protein derivatives, 3g, total mineral 3.1g. Young fruits and leaves are very good for pregnant women, can be eaten with salted figs, boiled or cooked in soup, porridge… Therefore, figs are also a very good food for pregnant women.

9. Dill

This herb is famous for its effectiveness in increasing milk supply. Dill contains compounds such as anethole, dianethole and photoanethole. According to one study, these compounds can stimulate the production of estrogen and prolactin – necessary for the production of breast milk. Fennel can be eaten raw or cooked, for example, boiled, steamed, sauteed in butter and then cooked in a little water.

10. Fresh fruits

Ripe fruits are always rich in antioxidants. This is a great choice to meet the needs of new mothers. These deliciously ripe fruits are packed full of healthful vitamins and minerals and will provide adequate carbohydrates to keep you energized.


11. Sauropus androgynus

Sauropus androgynus leaves have good nutritional value, such as protein, calcium, fat, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, and C. Sauropus androgynus leaves also have the effect of opening the milk flow of the new mother, curing wounds ulcers, fever, and residual placenta, dirty blood after birth…

12. Brown rice

Women who intend to lose weight after giving birth, brown rice is considered a panacea. Because the process of losing weight too quickly leads to your body not producing enough milk for your baby and makes you feel tired and sluggish. It is best to incorporate a healthy diet like using brown rice in your diet menu to keep your energy levels high. And foods like brown rice provide your body with the calories it needs to produce the best milk for your baby.



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