For a long time, aloe vera has been known as a “panacea” for women’s skin. However, in addition, it is also a valuable medicine for health. According to traditional medicine, aloe vera has a bitter taste, cool properties with the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, cooling blood, stopping bleeding, and laxative.

Thanks to glycoproteins, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, helping to heal wounds. Besides, aloe vera also helps to strengthen the body’s detoxification by enhancing metabolism in the liver and kidneys; Helps remove toxins from cells.

When using aloe vera, the user may have a slight tear, thereby helping to push out all the toxic bacteria in the intestines.

The healing effect of aloe vera

1. Cooldown heat

Aloe vera is a natural remedy to detoxify the body. If your study and work schedule makes you reluctant to make friends with street food stalls or fast food restaurants, you should add water or green bean aloe vera tea to your weekly menu.

2. Helps digestion

A healthy digestive system must ensure the good absorption of nutrients from the dishes that teen eats every day.

Aloe vera cooked with green beans will be the perfect cooling tea, helping to eliminate toxins in the body, while cooling and soothing the skin. You can use this tea as a skin-beautifying remedy that is both effective and extremely delicious.

3. Strengthen resistance

Drinking aloe vera juice regularly will help you maintain a healthy weight, while providing important vitamins and minerals for the body. Aloe vera does not make you fat but helps you maintain energy for the body to function.

4. Skin Care

The mucus in the gel (the flesh) of aloe vera has the ability to absorb moisture, create moisture for the skin, make the skin more elastic and reduce wrinkles.

Their gel also works to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, helping to prevent the destruction of the skin with aging. In the process of skincare, this gel has an astringent effect, effectively reducing acne.

In folklore, aloe vera is a very effective natural skin healing remedy. When applying a layer of gel to the skin, wounds caused by burns, blisters, insect bites and rashes will quickly heal.

If you are constantly exposed to the sun, the skin will become burning, uncomfortable. With just a little bit of aloe vera juice, you will quickly regain a cool feeling on your skin.

5. Prevent eye fatigue

If your eyes are tired, have dark circles, heavy eyelids, use aloe vera to treat them. Very simply, use an aloe vera branch, peel off the outer green skin and apply the flesh to your eyes, lie down and relax for 15 minutes.

The juice in the leaves of aloe vera has a soothing and soothing effect on the eyes. After a while, the dark area around the eyes will be reduced. You should use this gel every night before going to bed to combat fatigue in the eye area.

6. Antibacterial effect

Recent studies have proven that aloe vera gel has antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Used to disinfect, clear heat, clear urine. Soothes minor burns and insect stings. The emulsion is made from aloe vera used to make medicines to treat Eczema or impetigo, to quickly pull the young skin in the wound. Fresh aloe vera juice has antibacterial activity (in vitro).

7. Effect of lottery, laxative

Ancient times. From Hippocrat to Hai Thuong Lan Ong knew the properties of Aloe vera as a laxative, laxative for the liver, and for business purposes.

– Low dose: 20-50mg of dried Aloe is bitter tonic, spleen and liver laxative.
– Medium dose: 100mg (3-5 fresh leaves): Intestinal antiseptic, menstrual regulation, laxative, laxative.
– High dose: 200-500mg (10-20 leaves): strong.

8. Treat stomach ulcers

Drink the fresh gel of aloe vera leaves. Every few hours, taking a tablespoon of fresh gel on an empty stomach will heal stomach ulcers (not more than 400mg of fresh gel/day).

9. Treat skin diseases

Fresh aloe vera juice has the effect of firming the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. Daily application of fresh gel on the face has the effect of preventing pigmentation, smoothing the skin, preventing acne …

10. Prevention of urolithiasis

Anthraquinones will combine calcium ions in the urinary tract into soluble compounds to be excreted in the urine.

How to use aloe vera to cure disease

1. For chapped lips: The dry season is approaching, your sexy lips are having to “cope” with the dangers caused by the dry weather. Don’t be too worried and confused, use aloe vera gel on your lips to “rediscover” your red, strawberry-like lips.

2. Acne treatment: Aloe vera has the ability to destroy acne and dead cells, narrow the pores and give you a firm skin. Apply aloe vera immediately to the pimple when you find it, to inhibit the growth process.

Every day use 200g fresh aloe vera leaves, wash, cut off the spines on both sides, use a stainless steel knife to cut many squares on the leaves with a small chess piece and then cut it apart, add 50g of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey, crushed ice … to eat.

Or use 500 ml of Aloe Vera juice, 200 ml of honey, mix well, put in the refrigerator to use gradually. Drink 3 times a day, 3 tablespoons each time before meals.

Or take the water to wash the rice to settle, put the water inside (the dose depends on the day), use a spoon to scrape the viscous resin inside the aloe leaf (equal to the amount of water to wash the rice).

Mix the two together. At night, before going to bed, wipe your face clean, then apply the solution on your face, apply it evenly, leave it until morning, rinse with warm water.

3. Recover dry eyes: Works to prevent dry eyes, caused by long hours of sun exposure and intense computer exposure. Simply put the pulp of an aloe vera plant on your eyes for a few minutes.

4. Treatment of abnormal “menstrual”: “Menstrual” is a common disease and causes many troubles for women. To fix it is not difficult, boil aloe vera juice and add a little sugar to form a syrup. Drink this water about a week before your period to improve the situation.

5. For Burns: For minor burns of 1st, 2nd degree. Quickly take aloe vera sap and apply it to the burn to avoid swelling and redness.

6. Cirrhosis ascites: Take a handful of aloe vera, peel off the thorny part on both sides of the leaf, a little pure honey. All put in a blender and blend, drink water 3 times a day (15 minutes before meals), about 20 ml (1 tablespoon) each time.

Continuously taking for many months the disease will be in good remission or completely cured. Note no extra alcohol for people with liver disease.

Note when using aloe vera

– Do not apply aloe vera mask regularly, it is best to apply only 2-3 times a week.

– Pregnant and lactating women: Some reports suggest that aloe vera may be associated with miscarriage, birth defects. Pregnant and lactating women should not use aloe vera products.

– Diabetic patients on medication: Some studies show that aloe vera gel has the effect of reducing blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes and are on medication and want to take aloe vera, monitor your blood sugar more closely to prevent complications of excessive hypoglycemia, which manifests as tachycardia, sweating, and dizziness. palpitations, tremors… if it gets worse, it can cause decreased concentration, confusion, coma…

– People with hemorrhoids: When using aloe vera, especially with its sap, it will irritate the colon, which can make the disease worse.

– People with kidney disease: Should not be used in high doses or for a long time because some compounds in the resin when accumulated will cause kidney failure.

– Surgery: Due to the effect of lowering blood sugar, aloe vera will make it difficult to control blood sugar levels during and after surgery. You should stop taking aloe vera at least two weeks before surgery.

– People who are taking Digoxin for heart failure, diuretics, anticoagulants, antiarrhythmic drugs, etc., pay attention because aloe vera is a laxative, causes diarrhea and reduces potassium ions in the body, causing increased side effects of the drug. .

– Elderly people or people who often suffer from bloating, indigestion, live stools, diarrhea: According to Oriental medicine, the above symptoms are called spleen and stomach diseases, so aloe vera should not be used.



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