I tried observing a famous pharmacy on Hai Ba Trung Street. Out of 10 customers, up to three people buy medicine for stomach pain, of course without a prescription because in our country it is normal to treat diseases in an elective way. If you think that the 30% rate is not worth mentioning, it is wrong, when the remaining 70% is divided equally among other diseases.

The question is that medicine for stomach ailments is not lacking, even in excess, so why are there still so many sick people?

Why are complications of stomach ulcer disease, from gastrointestinal bleeding to malignant variant, an undiminished threat?

There must be some reason why the stomach lining loses its ability to protect itself so that the gastric juices in the stomach have excess muscle. Could it be because of erratic eating habits, worrying through the night, smoking, drinking, or drug abuse…?

If so, then there is no paradox because the disease is not only in the stomach!

Need time

The pathological mechanism of stomach ulcer disease, compared with other diseases, is clearly not so complicated that doctors have to give up. However, the disease is not only persistent but also easy to recur.

Umpteen. One of the most common reasons is that almost no one is properly informed about the factors that delay the healing process of the gastric mucosa, from the fire-fighting role of the “driver” meal. to the harmful effects of sour juice in the stomach after a long night of many worries.

In addition, many patients still think that when the pain is gone, the disease will be healed. In fact, it takes weeks after the pain is gone for the sores to truly heal. Many patients therefore stop taking the drug too soon.

Of course, few people take the trouble to take more medicine if the pain is gone, if the doctor forgets to advise carefully! In addition, the wound to heal requires nutrients. Cure stomach diseases without accompanying therapy to strengthen resistance and restore mucosa, ulcers are definitely harder to heal than heart wounds because of unfinished love!

The culprit in the dark

In the past, many physicians still thought that superinfection on the gastrointestinal mucosa was an accompanying or secondary phenomenon after the ulcer had formed.

That view no longer holds, since researchers discovered the pathogenicity of Helicobacter pylori bacteria on the lining of the stomach.

Because of the presence of Helicobacter, gastric ulcers are easy to recur. In addition, drugs for stomach pain are unlikely to have the desired effect in patients with Helicobacter infection.

Going further, many researchers have warned of a link between Helicobacter and not only stomach cancer but even many other types of cancer!

Did you know that through statistics conducted during periodic health checks for many companies, we have found that Helicobacter is present in the stomachs of many people who have not shown signs of disease in the digestive tract? No wonder many people will turn to stomach pain.

In the end, beekeeping is not as worrying as growing bacteria in the stomach! Fortunately, Helicobacter infections are not difficult to diagnose and treat. The point is to find the disease to prevent it, instead of waiting for the disease to come and find it.

No answer yet

There is one thing stronger than a nail. The effectiveness of a single drug against gastric acidity cannot be expected if the cause of gastric ulcer is not confined to the gastrointestinal mucosa. It is not possible to heal the ulcer if the patient is not treated as a whole.

The patient is not aware of the danger of the disease, the patient continues to self-medicate by buying over-the-counter drugs. Doctors treat diseases year after year without looking for the cause or accompanying pathological factors.

Doctors miss Helicobacter in routine check-ups, and life continues to be a “traffic jam” each way. If such things exist, it is not uncommon for gastric ulcers to continue to be the reason for the wear and tear of the patient’s resistance and perforation of the wallet.



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