Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company 


OIC NEW Information: 

– Business code: 0104128935 issued by Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment in August 13, 2009

– Authorised capital: VND 60 Billions

– Legal representative: Mr. Luu Hai Minh

– Position: Chairman of the Board

– Industry and field of investment: Nanotechnology

 Objectives, development process and achievements of the company

Vision: To become the leading domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of high-quality Nano products.

Objective: To receive, transfer, research and apply scientific and technological processes for the production of Nano products and apply Nanotechnology to practical production and business in Vietnam.

Strategy: Starting from the production of Nano products for industry and agriculture. After that, proceed to manufacture high-grade Nano preparations for medical use in order to generate profit margins for the Company; for the economic, social and environmental goals, for the social community in line with the high-tech development orientation of the Vietnamese Government; comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law and international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party.


– OIC NEW currently holds many manufacturing processes and nanotechnology patents; manufacturing and applying nanotechnology in production with the intention of developing potential subsidiaries that can put OIC NEW’s nano products into production

– OIC NEW is the first company in Vietnam to start building a nanomaterials factory.

– OIC NEW collaborated with Secoin Quang Ninh to research the application of Nano Chitosan products

– OIC NEW has coordinated with the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology – National Fund for Technology Innovation to set up a project to build a nanomaterials factory.

– OIC NEW has collaborated with Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to research Nano Chitosan preparations to increase crop yield.

– OIC NEW has collaborated with the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to research the health supplements Nano Curcumin completely soluble in water to increase absorption when taken orally.

Tư Liệu Công Ty

Company nameNhathai New Technology .,Jsc
Founding:Ngày 13 Tháng 8 2009
Representative & Advisor:Dr. Lưu Hải Minh – Chairman, Associate professor PhD. Trần Đại Lâm -CTO, Associate professor PhD. Trần Ngọc Khải – R&D Manager, Associate professor PhD. Ngô Văn Hiền – CFO, Dr. Ngô Văn Hoà – Director of Security, Vũ Thế Phương – General Engineer, Đoàn Tiến Cường – Export Manager, Đỗ Minh Thắng –CMO, Dr. Nguyễn Minh Tâm – Director of Experimental Biology Vũ Bảo Nhung – Project Sales Manager



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