Getting in shape after giving birth has become an obsession for many mothers, many of whom have become depressed because their ugly appearance is no longer the same.

So how to regain the appearance and shape as before pregnancy? The following four basic steps will help mothers quickly regain their beauty after childbirth.

1. For facial skin

Mothers should pay attention to care and protect the skin from the outside and inside and should not abuse special cosmetics right after giving birth.

At this time, the mother’s facial skin is often very thin and vulnerable to the effects of the weather such as sun, wind, and dust, so the first thing mothers should remember is to protect their skin carefully every day. time to go out before thinking of other beauty and restorative methods.

Mothers should also not immediately use special products to treat acne and melasma, but instead use products that moisturize and provide nutrients for the skin of natural origin. At the same time, you should eat a lot of foods rich in vitamins from fruits and vegetables to increase the resistance of the skin in particular and the body in general to the attack of bacteria. Drinking a lot of water is also an indispensable thing for postpartum beauty needs. 2 liters of water a day will help your skin be smoother.

2. For bust line

After giving birth, mothers often worry about sagging and deformed breasts. Don’t worry, calmly perform the following steps to get your first round back as it was.

Lose weight to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the breasts, breastfeed properly and regularly keep your breasts clean. The most important thing is to practice exercises to help firm the first round like push-ups or swimming on the ground. Mothers should also not use bras that are too tight or too wide, leading to the breasts being compressed or excessively “loose”, making it difficult to find the desired bust.

When taking a bath, mothers should use a strong shower to spray the chest area with a round 1 massage with lotions to stimulate blood circulation. And limit the use of drugs to avoid affecting the quality of milk for the baby.

3. For waist line        

After giving birth, your breasts will definitely sag and flabby. Many mothers because of guilt do not dare to go out or only dare to wear baggy dresses. Just pay attention to the following things, mothers will quickly regain a slim waist:

Eat right: You need to follow a moderate diet to lose fat. However, if you are still breastfeeding, you should only abstain moderately to maintain the milk production. Do not make the body lack nutrients, it will make your milk quality decrease.

Actively perform gentle exercises to help firm the body, and combine with regular massage of the abdomen to help blood circulation and reduce fat accumulation. Practice brisk walking exercises while your body is slowly recovering. Every day, you should walk for about 30 minutes in a clean and quiet environment to help your body be harmonious and toned.

Getting back the second round is not easy, mothers need to be patient for a long time, do not study famous actors or singers because they have many favorable conditions to speed up this process. Mothers who work hard and practice regularly within 5 to 6 months will have firm abs again.

4. For hip

After giving birth, your buttocks deteriorate due to weight gain and the pelvis may widen. You will have a toned butt when you find the right training method. Exercise as soon as you can to turn your butt fat into muscle. You should do exercises that gradually increase the intensity from gentle to fast.

Diet: Women with large butts should follow a reduced-calorie diet to make their butt smaller. At the same time, you should combine with daily massage with specialized creams of natural origin. Work hard to apply the cream on the buttocks and massage in a clockwise direction for about 10 minutes every day.

Diet: Priority should be given to eating foods that nourish muscle and reduce fat. Lots of green vegetables and adding water to the body is the most reasonable menu for mothers at this time.

The advice for mothers is to stay calm with beauty and get back in shape after giving birth, do not rush to find weight loss methods or use a series of cosmetics. Combining a moderate diet and exercise, while protecting the body from harmful factors, will help mothers regain their shape and especially be safe for the health of both mother and baby.



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