For long, our people have heard about the miraculous effects of turmeric on the beauty and health of women after giving birth.

For many generations, Vietnamese mothers have tried to eat dishes made from fresh turmeric every time they give birth, even though it is not easy to eat and is quite hot. Elaborately persistently eating turmeric, a woman still retains her health and beauty even after many years of age and many births.

Today it has been determined that the effects of turmeric are due to Curcumin (only one thousandth in turmeric), which acts as powerful antioxidants.

Scientists around the world have thoroughly studied the chemical structure and biological activity to confirm the advantages of Nano Curcumin for postpartum women.

HEALTH SUPPLEMENT LIQUID NANO CURCUMIN helps anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, helps the incision of the episiotomy to avoid infection, quickly heal the scar.

According to a study by Iranian scientists, published in Life Science Journal in 2012, 120 women were selected from 1,820 women who gave birth to multiple babies, to compare the effectiveness of pain relief, close Bacterial and healing of episiotomy between Curcumin and Povidone-Iodine. The study was conducted double-blind, randomized, parallel based on VAS (Visual Analogue Scale – assessment of pain) and REEDA (Redness – Redness, Edema – edema, Ecchymosed – Bruising, Discharge – pus, infection, Approximation – mouth closure) at 2 time points 24-48 hours and 10 days postpartum. The results showed that 10 days after giving birth, the group of pregnant women using curcumin had significantly more effective pain relief and wound healing than the group using Povidone-Iodine. Therefore, medical experts recommend that postpartum women with incisions or episiotomy, in addition to supplementing with functional foods with Curcumin, should also use antiseptic solutions with curcumin to reduce pain, Anti-inflammatory and helps wounds heal quickly, heal scars quickly.

Health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin helps to replenish blood, quickly restore health, help skin become rosy, youthful

Health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin helps to contract the uterus, prevent postpartum

Nano Curcumin has the effect of estrogen hormone, causing excitement and stimulating uterine contractions, clearing blood stasis, quickly pushing products out of the body, preventing postpartum and preventing breast cancer

Health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin helps to lose weight, bring a slim body

In particular, according to a study by the American Agricultural Research Center (ARS), in turmeric, there is Nano Curcumin that reduces fat tissue, regular use of turmeric will lose weight, prevent belly fat and slim body. compact, firm by preventing the growth of new blood vessels, thereby limiting

Health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin helps to fade skin pigmentation and stretch marks

During pregnancy, a woman’s body weight increases suddenly in a short time, causing the skin to not have time to develop to adapt. The subcutaneous connective tissue (made up of collagen and elastin fibers, which give the skin its elasticity) is overstretched and then breaks, forming long, multi-branched indentations that look like tree roots and eventually leaving stretch marks. tight on the skin.

In addition, after giving birth, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone change, causing the melanin pigments to be stimulated to be overactive, causing a darkening of the skin, also known as melasma.

Melanin is formed from the inside or collagen and elastin fibers are also connective tissue under the skin, but the penetration level of external methods is only about 20%, not bringing high efficiency.

Arbitrarily using mixed creams (Vitamin E; melasma cream) => ineffective, some creams can cause skin atrophy and tanning leaving long-term damage, difficult to treat

Using folk methods: Apply Southern medicine wine, Northern medicine,… => ineffective, improper use can cause skin burns

Applying masks, mineral mud only slightly fades the outer skin, cannot remove all the skin inside the epidermis

Therefore, in order to effectively lose pigmentation spots and stretch marks, pregnant women must take substances with strong antioxidant effects, which help eliminate free radicals from the body such as Curcumin (turmeric starch) Vitamin E, Isoflavones (found in soybean germ essence), Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (found in Gac fruit, carrots), Glutathion, Alixin (found in garlic essential oil), … In particular, Curcumin in turmeric brings effects The most comprehensive and effective skin care with uses

Nourish the skin: Stimulates metabolism in the blood vessels under the skin, accelerates the cell renewal process to help the skin smooth and youthful.

Reduce melasma: Enhance the elimination of pigmented skin cells that produce melasma and prevent damage from UV rays, making skin whiter and fading quickly.

Anti-wrinkle: Anti-oxidize skin cells, maintain collagen structure to help firm skin, reduce wrinkles, especially in the eyes.

Whitening, acne treatment by exfoliating the skin, reducing and anti-scar, shrinking pores, anti-oily and astringent stretch marks.



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