After giving birth, skin problems and body shape are the things that women are most concerned about, their skin is not as fresh and smooth as when they were girls. Do not worry too much about this problem, the ways to beautify the face for women after giving birth below are extremely simple and effective, helping them to be more confident with their skin.

1. Skin whitening with breast milk.

Beautifying the facial skin for women after giving birth with breast milk, it sounds weird, but it’s not. It is not only a source of nutrition for babies but also a very good cosmetic for mothers who have just given birth. Breast milk is full of nutrients and vitamins and minerals to nourish a bright, smooth skin.

For mothers who have just given birth, this is an available source of milk, just squeeze 1/3 cup of milk, use cotton to absorb milk, rub it on the face and gently massage. Repeat 3 times and then wash off with water, every day should do 2-3 times to have a natural white skin.

2. Use a natural fruit mask.

Referring to ways to beautify facial skin for women after giving birth, it is impossible not to mention masks made from natural fruits such as cucumbers, tomatoes, aloe vera, strawberries, …

Women should regularly use natural fruits to apply masks, to help overcome defects and enhance the bright, smooth appearance of the skin after childbirth.

3. Nourish your skin with products extracted from turmeric – Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC

If using turmeric powder or fresh turmeric without removing turmeric oil and impurities to drink, it will cause unwanted side effects to the body such as: liver heat, pimples, and using turmeric to cover the face, Turmeric oil causes jaundice and is difficult to wash off with water.

That’s why you should use products extracted from turmeric – Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC has completely removed turmeric oil, fibers, residues and only the precious active ingredient Curcumin remains in turmeric and completely ensures the quality. ​safety as well​.

You can use it directly by drinking daily: mix 1ml with 300ml of filtered water or mix with yogurt to cover your face 2-3 times a week.

In addition to the ways to beautify the face for women after giving birth above, you should also note that you should drink enough water every day in combination with eating enough nutrients, enhancing nutrients containing vitamins A, C, and E to strengthen collagen. skin becomes younger and smoother.



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