In today’s life, alcohol is an indispensable thing in parties or diplomatic meetings at work. However, you should also worry and take care of your health, especially your liver. “How to effectively detox the liver after drinking alcohol?” This is probably a question in need of an answer.

First you need to know how alcohol will destroy your liver?

90% of the alcohol you put into the body will be absorbed and metabolized by the liver. However, if you put in too much alcohol, the liver can’t produce liver enzymes to detoxify, causing it to stagnate, which can poison the liver and cause danger to the body. The process of liver detoxification after drinking alcohol is as follows:

When alcohol enters the body, only a small part is excreted through sweat, urine, and breath, and most of it will be taken to the liver for metabolism.

  • The liver will secrete a catalytic enzyme called NAD (Nicotintamide-adenin-dinucleotid). This yeast will help metabolize alcohol and eliminate toxins.
  • However, in a short period of time, if the amount of NAD enzyme is not secreted enough to metabolize large amounts of alcohol, they will be stagnant, causing liver toxicity. Over time, it will cause dangerous diseases for the liver such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc.

Thus, after drinking alcohol, it is necessary to take measures to detoxify the liver quickly. How to detox the liver when drinking alcohol?

To detoxify the liver when drinking alcohol, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the alcohol concentration in the body immediately. Drink a lot of water, preferably twice the amount of alcohol you drink to neutralize the amount of alcohol in the body, reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood. Then you have to urinate to excrete this uric acid. However, this method only works for people who drink alcohol in a small amount. When you drink too much, there is no room in your stomach to drink twice the amount of water. Then another measure is needed. Many people have thought about using anti-alcohol remedies. This remedy works well and quickly, but overdoing it is not a good idea. We will tell you some recipes for liver detoxification after drinking alcohol with the following natural foods:

  • Honey mixed with orange juice: in honey and oranges contain glucose and fructo to help replenish the sugar deficiency when drunk. Besides, the antioxidants in honey can help detoxify the liver and protect it better.
  • Tapioca juice is cold, has a cooling effect, detoxifies the liver very well.
  • Honey combines lemon and ginger: honey is combined with lemon and ginger to create a quick, perfect detox recipe. Because ginger has hot properties, it has the ability to effectively neutralize alcohol. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps in diuretics, alcohol detoxification, and reduces pressure on the liver.
  • Green bean porridge: The tannic acid in green beans has the ability to reduce alcohol in alcohol, detoxifying the body quickly.
  • Fruit juices: Fruit juices also help to detox quickly such as tomato, grapefruit, lemon juice…. They will help our body rehydrate and electrolytes, protect the liver very well



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