In the body, the liver is an organ that works tirelessly, it is the chemical “factory” of the body. In addition to the function of activating vitamins and balancing hormones, the liver also has a chemical processing effect on substances such as sugar, fat and protein, making it easier for the organs in the body to absorb.

Once the function of the liver is degraded, other organs in the body will be adversely affected, causing various diseases. Therefore, to maintain health, we pay special attention to the function of the liver.

Why protect the liver?

Usually when the liver is infected, it has no obvious symptoms. That is to say, liver diseases, if not too serious, usually have no special signs.

We need to know that the liver itself does not have nerves that cause pain, but only in the epidermis. When the inside of the liver is infected, if it does not come into contact with the epidermis, we will not feel pain.

Moreover, the liver is a tolerant organ, as long as it has 30% of its working capacity, it is difficult for our body to feel pain, only when the liver is sick, its function shows signs of damage. only then we can see that symptom.

The liver is also a hard internal organ, and there is a close relationship between the liver and other organs in the body, so the liver is often affected by other organs, for example, the body is damaged. Infections, diabetes, or pregnancy can all indirectly affect liver function. Understanding the importance of the liver, you must pay special attention to the care and protection of the liver.

Give your body time to rest:

After eating, having time to rest is the best way to keep the liver healthy. After eating, resting for 30 minutes will help the body absorb most of the nutrients. People with poor liver function should go to bed before 23 o’clock and should not stay up more than 1 o’clock at night. Some people because of work always have to work at night, these people have a high risk of liver disease, in addition, the immune system will also be reduced.

You need to pay attention to keep the nutritional balance:

You should train yourself a habit of eating on time and in quantity. Eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits for easy bowel movements, helping to reduce the burden on the liver. If you have liver disease, you need to eat a lot of nutrients for the liver that are high in protein, low in fat, full of sugar, rich in vitamins to provide more protein and vitamins for the body.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is very harmful to the body, especially to the liver. After smoking, the concentration of nicotine in the blood will increase, so the liver will have to work harder to detoxify these nicotine.

Need to quit drinking:

Drinking too much alcohol can cause liver diseases

For normal livers, drinking a little alcohol is not only harmful but also beneficial, but drinking too much alcohol will be very harmful. And those who already have liver disease, drinking alcohol is no different from committing suicide, once the liver has a disease, they should not drink any alcohol at all.

Do not take drugs indiscriminately:

For some drugs whose side effects affect the liver, if you have liver disease, the body will have a fever, in addition, the whole body will have a rash, edema, itching, besides the patient will feel loss of appetite, discomfort nausea, abdominal distension. People with liver disease need to be especially careful when taking birth control pills and flu medicines.

Don’t get angry:

“Injured by anger”, that sentence means that when angry, it will be very harmful to the liver. According to immunologists, when angry, the body’s immune system will work less and damage the liver. Therefore, people with liver disease should not be very angry.

Need to abstain in eating:

When your liver is sick, you should avoid eating foods that are not fresh, including fermented foods, foods with preservatives, colors and additives, smoked foods. … spices have stimulants, some fruits such as custard apple, lychee, longan… should not be eaten much.

Need to proactively prevent hepatitis:

Vaccination against hepatitis is one of the most active ways to prevent liver disease. Currently, at the epidemic prevention health facilities of the district, town and city, all of them are fully provided with hepatitis vaccines, we should actively come to be fully vaccinated.

Another important thing is to pay attention to avoid sources of infection such as needing to avoid or be very careful when giving blood transfusions, injections, acupuncture, tattoos, sharing toothbrushes, sharing razors, etc. use a disposable syringe, use a separate acupuncture needle…

It is necessary to maintain regular liver examination periodically:

If normal, then 6 months – 1 year you should go for blood tests to check liver indicators. And if you unfortunately have liver disease, you need to absolutely follow the doctor’s advice, persevere in taking the medicine, not because the disease is progressing slowly but impatiently change doctors, change doctors, that only making the treatment of your liver disease more difficult and arduous



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