Stomach and đuoenal ulcer disease as we all know, it is very common in modern life due to not only HP bacteria but also an unscientific lifestyle. There are no less than 40% of the population aged 40-49 infected. Stomach pains can come at any time, affecting and disrupting your work and study. So is there a way to immediately relieve the pain caused by stomach ulcers without having to go to the hospital? The following article will show 5 ways to help relieve stomach pain fastest. Choose for yourself a suitable method to prevent pain as well as treat your stomach pain!

1. Rub stomach properly – effectively relieve stomach pain

This is the simplest measure that anyone can take right away. Instead of holding your stomach to bear the pain, put your hand on your stomach, then gently massage it in a clockwise direction with moderate force. Repeat this massage for about 10 minutes and you will see a significant reduction in pain. You can lie down or sit to rub your belly, choose the most comfortable position for you.

2. Warm the stomach to relieve stomach pain quickly.

If using the simplest method mentioned above is not effective, you can use the second method: Using heat to warm the abdomen for quick pain relief. This trick is also commonly found in folklore. There are many ways to do this trick:

You can take a bottle of warm water, then gently roll it on the abdomen. When the abdomen warms up, combine the massage in a clockwise direction.

Or roast a handful of salt until hot, then wrap it with a clean cloth and apply it to the painful abdomen. The heat spreading throughout the abdomen will increase blood circulation, relieve stomach cramps. From there, the stomach pain will reduce quickly.

3. Ginger – folk remedy to help relieve stomach pain immediately.

Not much need to be said about the use of ginger for stomach ailments. When the pain hits, make yourself a cup of warm ginger tea: You cut a few thin slices of ginger into warm water, then drink small sips. Ginger will warm the stomach and the pain will be noticeably relieved.

Another convenient way is to bring some ginger candies with you. If you feel pain, chew one tablet immediately, the pain will soon disappear. 

4. Use diluted salt water to help inhibit bacteria that cause stomach pain.

Another method is to use warm salt water diluted. Every time you see an upset stomach, mix granulated salt with warm water, dilute a little and then drink small sips. You can drink it several times a day, but don’t drink too much. Dilute warm salt water will help clean the intestines, inhibit harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, reduce stomach spasms, thereby reducing the stomach pain that is tormenting you.

5. Carbonated drinks – unexpected secrets?

This may sound absurd because you are often advised to avoid fizzy drinks and soft drinks with an upset stomach. But this is a temporary savior that helps relieve stomach pain quickly and promptly. Take a few small sips to ease the pain and get on with your work. However, you should not abuse this method, it should be limited because it only has a temporary effect.

Above are 5 ways to relieve stomach pain immediately caused by ulcers that we have collected, choose the method that works best for you in case stomach pain comes unexpectedly.



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