Stomach pain, stomach ulcers are diseases that are becoming more and more common in modern society, not only affecting life but also easily causing many serious complications.

Treatment of symptoms of acute gastritis such as epigastric pain, flatulence, heartburn, burning is not difficult, the disease will disappear after 2-4 weeks of treatment with western medicine. However, not everyone knows that the regular and long-term use of these drugs contains many unpredictable dangers, threatening the health and strength of the patient.

1. Stomach medicine: disadvantages overwhelm advantages

If the prescription for stomach ulcers is only antibiotics, reducing acid secretion, covering ulcers and reducing symptoms (Smooth muscle relaxants, acid neutralization..), in fact, only the symptoms can be solved in exacerbation, the disease is easy to recur!

Long-term use of acid-reducing drugs such as omeprazole, nexium at high doses or for more than a year increases the risk of bone fractures and progression to stomach cancer.

Taking too many antibiotics will cause bacteria, digestive disorders, liver and kidney damage, if used too high doses, long-term will cause hepatitis, chronic kidney failure.

Also, using neutralizing drugs such as Gastropugit, Maloxx too strong and prolonged can easily cause back gastritis due to alkalization.

With smooth muscle relaxants such as Nospa, Buscopan can reduce symptoms quickly, but if abused, it will cause the risk of bleeding and perforation of the stomach without the patient knowing.

Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis after acute pain must take western medicine, they should regularly use natural herbs to protect the gastric mucosa and prevent recurrence of stomach ulcers.



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