Itchy skin or skin diseases are caused by many different causes, many of which are caused by impaired liver function. Many people have itchy skin, rash and suspect it may be the liver but do not know how to determine exactly. The following article will help you learn the symptoms of liver itch to have the most appropriate treatment.

Why does liver disease cause itching on the skin?

The decline in liver function in people with hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. causes many different symptoms, including itchy skin symptoms. The reason is that when liver function is impaired, the ability to filter and eliminate waste products in the body weakens, causing accumulation in the body. The residues that accumulate in the body will cause heat in the body, accumulate under the skin causing itching, yellowing of the skin, etc. Therefore, when frequent skin itching occurs, you should also check the liver function to see if there is any problem. skin lesions that do not have the right treatment measures.

Recognize the symptoms of itching because of liver diseases.

Skin itching can be caused by the liver, but not all cases of itchy skin are also caused by liver disease. Therefore, it is necessary to know the symptoms of liver pruritus to know how to properly identify the disease such as:

♦ Rashes.

It is a red skin rash like rash, which can appear on the neck, hands or sometimes the whole body, causing itching. The condition can persist for months or even years. The itching occurs when sleeping, after the patient drinks alcohol or due to hot weather, hot sun. The itching may go away after that or if the patient scratches a lot, it can cause scratches, causing skin infections.

♦ Papules.

Symptoms are papules, deep lumps under the skin that appear scattered on the skin of the face or gathered in patches of the whole body, firm palpable with hands. In the area where the skin appears, the nodules are often red with blood, accompanied by vasodilatation and may or may not be itchy depending on the location of each person. After a while, these papules fade and can rupture, ulcerate, and sometimes produce pus.

Papules on the skin are often encountered in patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Therefore, when seeing such manifestations, patients need to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and best treatment.

How to cure itchiness caused by liver.

In folk medicine to overcome the itch caused by the liver, we often use some herbs that have good effects in protecting the liver, detoxifying the liver, treating hot liver. Some medicinal plants can quickly overcome the itching caused by the liver that you can refer to such as:

1/ Plantago.

In oriental medicine, plantago has cool properties, good effects in the treatment of diseases such as red eyes, dermatitis or boils, itching caused by the liver. So in folk, the treatment of skin itching caused by liver heat can be utilized in the following ways:

Take about 100g of plantago leaves, wash and cook with water to drink on the day instead of filtered water. Or you can take psyllium washed and cooked with minced pork as a soup to eat with hot rice, which will help cool the liver, detoxify, and eliminate the risk of skin itching very well.

2/ Chamber bitter treat itching caused by liver disease.

For a long time, chamber bitter has been considered by traditional medicine as a panacea for liver detoxification, treatment of liver diseases such as hepatitis B, alcoholic hepatitis, liver heat… People also use chamber bitter to help diuretic, antiseptic, reduce skin itching caused by the liver.

To use chamber bitter to treat liver disease, you can use it in the following way: Collecting the plant to dry, yellow star and then cook drinking water daily continuously will help cool, detoxify, relieve skin itching because of the liver effectively. Using it continuously for about a week will see the symptoms disappear.

3/ Artichoke to treat itching caused by the liver.

Artichoke flower has cool, bitter taste, mild fragrance, has good use in liver laxative, laxative, diuretic, liver detoxification, heat clearing …. This medicinal plant is considered a great medicine in the treatment of itching caused by the liver thanks to its effect on the liver, detoxifying and clearing body heat.

When using artichokes to treat itching caused by the liver, you need to use: Take artichokes in fresh or dried form, you can cook artichoke water to drink instead of tea. In addition to making remedies to cool the liver and detoxify, artichokes are also used to process into many nutritious and healthy dishes.



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