Losing weight after giving birth is a problem that many mothers face after giving birth. However, nowadays, many mothers do not understand carefully, so they still make mistakes that affect the process of losing weight after giving birth. Let’s find out those mistakes in the article below:

Mistake 1: Eating snacks when hungry

Over the period of pregnancy, the mother’s dietary intake increased a lot and this habit could not be changed immediately, leading to the situation that the diet was still very large in the postpartum period. When hunger begins to appear outside of the main meal, often women will quickly choose fast foods such as sweets to enjoy. This helps both satisfy your cravings for snacks while helping to alleviate hunger. However, if you do not practice changing the habit of eating these snacks, sweets will increase weight, directly making the weight loss process fail.

Mistake 2: Say no to starchs, only eat meat

The next wrong weight loss method of women who have just given birth is to completely cut out starchy foods and instead eat more protein to lose weight. This method is quite popular, maybe at first you will find yourself losing weight effectively, but if you do this weight loss method for a long time, it will cause ketone poisoning in your body, health effects are very bad and especially adversely affect breast milk supply. It is best to have a balanced nutrition, combine eating meat, starchy dishes but little without weight gain, and vegetables to lose weight more effectively.

Some foods contain starch but do not increase weight if used effectively:

  • Sweet potatoes: the ideal snack that won’t cause weight gain, unless you eat too much and exceed your calorie intake. In addition, sweet potatoes contain many vitamins, amino acids, zinc, calcium … very good for the skin. Thus, it is possible to lose weight by eating sweet potatoes instead of rice, making the skin more beautiful.
  • Oatmeal: this is an easy to make, very tasty food that is a great choice for breakfast. Although it contains starch, it is starch for weight loss, so you can completely use oatmeal without fear of fat. Do not use processed oatmeal because it contains sugar. Choose raw oats, add fruit and a little honey to sweeten. With such a breakfast, you will save a lot of calories, feel full for a long time and be full of life, not to mention that you have added a useful amount of iron and fiber to your body.
  • Brown bread: If you want to eat bread without worrying about gaining weight, brown bread is an extremely important assistant. The amount of fiber in brown bread helps to keep the body full for longer, toning muscles and serving the weight loss process. Brown bread can be used as a safe snack if you are hungry between meals
  • Corn: Although it contains starch, corn does not cause weight gain. With high fiber content, low soluble sugar, corn is a very effective choice for those who want to lose weight. In addition, corn also works to slow down the aging process, fight cancer. Not only that, the amount of vitamin E in corn germ has the ability to promote cell division, prevent wrinkles on the skin, so eating corn will give you a beautiful skin.
  • Legumes: Black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils are members of the “bean family” list. For a long time, the “bean family” is still considered as one of the starchy foods. Therefore, they are classified as fatty foods. However, after more careful research, this opinion has changed and if supplemented with enough, this is a completely healthy food for weight loss.

Mistake 3: Dieting right after giving birth

No matter how quickly you want to regain your slim and beautiful shape in your youth, you should know that, after giving birth, your body will be very weak. So you need to have a certain time to recover, but do not rush to choose a diet right after giving birth that will make your weight loss journey difficult. A weak mother’s body will be prone to many complications after birth, and the baby without breast milk will not receive the necessary development. The best way you should consult with experts, doctors to know the best time and way to lose weight.

Mistake 4: Not eating vegetables before meals

The order in which the food is loaded into the body also contributes to your weight loss success or failure. Specifically, to lose weight more effectively, instead of choosing to eat immediately dishes made from meat, fish, etc., choose a dish made from vegetables and tubers to eat first. The source of nutrients in this green food group works to help the stomach feel full, your body will have less appetite, thereby creating a feeling of fullness, limiting a lot of food intake to the body. The reasonable order of nutrition for postpartum mothers is liquid soup – vegetables – starch – protein. Apply this eating process to quickly lose weight, moms.

Overcoming the above mistakes is that you can already hold over 50% of the success of the postpartum weight loss process. Now you can confidently apply effective and safe ways to lose weight for both mother and baby such as: regular breastfeeding, massage with turmeric ginger wine, gentle exercise, and use of turmeric essence products. , apply hot salt, ….



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