Liver enzymes have an important metabolic role in the body. Liver enzymes are produced by liver cells, so when liver cells die due to aging, a certain amount of liver enzymes will be released into the blood at a concentration of 40UI/L. This is a normal level of liver enzymes, if it is higher, it means you have high liver enzymes. Depending on whether this index increases more or less, it can clearly determine what stage your liver disease is in. Therefore, people should go for regular health check-ups, do general tests so that they can detect the disease early and seek treatment. When holding a liver function test sheet, the ALT and AST indicators will tell you about your disease status.
  • If ALT and AST levels increase 5-10 times normal, you are in the stage of acute hepatitis
  • These 2 indicators are continuously high for about 6 months or more, you are in the stage of hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis
  • An AST reading twice normal increases the risk of death by 32%, and if it is more than double normal, the risk of death is 78%.
  • An ALT increase to 2 times normal increases the risk of death by 21%, and if it is more than 2 times normal, the risk of death increases to 59%.

Untreated high liver enzyme disease will cause cirrhosis, then progress to liver cancer

High liver enzyme disease that is not identified early, as well as not treated, will cause a series of dangerous liver diseases such as cirrhosis, more seriously, liver cancer. Furthermore, the clinical symptoms of this disease are few and difficult to identify. In addition, people also have a subjective attitude before the disease, so early detection of the disease is very difficult. To determine the health of your liver, the only way you can do it is to do a test, so go for regular health check-ups so that early detection of disease will also become simpler.

In addition, taking care of your health, building a healthy lifestyle is also a simple but effective measure to help you say no to high liver enzymes. Let’s build a reasonable and scientific diet menu, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, provide vitamins of groups A and B, avoid eating foods high in sugar because it is easy to increase liver enzymes. In addition, people with high liver enzymes should absolutely stay away from alcohol because these toxins will be the cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer.



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