Liver disease is a dangerous disease and causes many consequences affecting everyone’s health. Currently, the number of people with liver disease is on the rise and has a significant impact on the life and happiness of the family and future generations. So who is subject to liver disease?

Liver disease does not exclude anyone, everyone can get liver disease. However, liver disease is more common in men than in women. In addition, liver disease also occurs in people who regularly drink alcohol or who have an unreasonable diet.

1. Alcohol users have a higher risk of liver disease.

The use of alcohol and the cause of liver diseases is mostly in men. Due to the needs of work and the hobby of using alcohol in parties and meeting friends, men are the subjects of frequent alcohol use. Therefore, the liver must constantly receive a large amount of toxins. At this time, the liver has to work at full capacity to break down toxins and toxic substances out of the body. Therefore, it is easy to lead to liver failure and make the liver tired.

Alcohol also causes fatty liver disease. If fatty liver disease in the early stages is not treated and continues to use alcohol, the disease will change from fatty liver to hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis is easy to happen. If there is no treatment and care for the liver when the liver is damaged, it is very easy to lead to death in the patient.

2. Consumption of raw food and food is the cause of hepatitis A.

Raw foods and foods contain many disease-causing parasites. So when using foods, raw meat will create conditions for parasites such as liver flukes, gnathostomiasis, viruses to enter and attack the body. If the patient does not have timely treatment measures, it is easy to cause serious symptoms and affect the health of each person. Using raw food has a very high chance of contracting hepatitis A.

3. Using drugs not as directed by a doctor can cause liver disease.

Abuse of drugs or use of drugs not according to the instructions of the doctor will cause harm to health. Improper use of drugs with many effects will cause burdens on the liver, toxic to the liver, damage to the liver, and worse, liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis.


To protect the liver and take care of health is not difficult. We can implement some of the following principles:

– Learn about nutrition. Thereby providing a healthy diet and ensuring a healthy body

– Exercise regularly and regularly to improve your physical condition and increase your body’s resistance

– Get regular health check-ups to keep your body healthy. If the disease is detected, it can be treated promptly to avoid causing dangerous complications.

–  Get vaccinated against hepatitis to protect your health for several years, even your whole life.



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