The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. If the liver function is not working well. The body will suffer from many diseases. Some symptoms of liver damage that you need to be aware of before it is too late.

1. “Smelly” breath

 You probably never thought that “smell” breath could be a sign of liver damage. If your liver isn’t working well, your mouth often smells. This condition is caused by the body producing too much ammonia.

2. Dark circles around eyes and eyestrain

Damaged liver function may be associated with skin damage and eye fatigue. The skin under the eyes also reflects a person’s state of health. If you find it difficult to get rid of dark circles and eyestrain, see your doctor right away. It could be a sign of liver damage.

3. Serious Digestive Problems If your liver contains a lot of fat, you won’t be able to digest water at all. However, mild digestive problems that occur over a period of time can also be an indicator of liver damage.

4. Changes in skin color  Changes in skin color can result from liver damage. White spots on the skin can appear when liver function is not working properly.

5. Dark colored stools and urine   People with dehydration problems often have dark brown stools and urine. In addition to symptoms of dehydration, this phenomenon is also an indicator of poor liver function.

6. Eyes and fingernails are yellow  When the white of your eyes and nails turns yellow, you should see a doctor immediately for timely treatment.

7. Trướng bụng   The liver will enlarge due to infection or liver damage. If the condition is left untreated, your stomach will also swell.

To keep your liver healthy, you should avoid unhealthy eating habits, especially foods high in fat. In addition, you should drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits or if possible, use products that have the function of detoxifying the liver and purifying the body. The treatment of liver and biliary diseases is greatly determined by the time of diagnosis. Therefore, an accurate early diagnosis is a key factor in the treatment of liver and biliary diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct periodic health checks to detect liver and bile diseases early so that early treatment can be carried out:

1) Conduct periodic health check

To detect diseases of the liver and bile at the earliest, it is advisable to regularly conduct periodic health checks. Test content includes:

a) Hepatitis Criteria Test:

When testing for hepatitis, you need to check some of the following indicators:

– HbsAg: Hepatitis B surface antigen

– HbsAb: Hepatitis B surface antibody

– HBeAg: Hepatitis B e antigen

– HbeAb: Hepatitis B e Antibodies

– HbcAb: Antibodies to Hepatitis B  

b) Liver function test

Liver function tests to help your doctor make a few decisions: There is something wrong with the liver. Liver function tests include various blood tests to check liver enzyme levels; bilirubin; and liver proteins. Usually, people who have a positive hepatitis test result or have a history of alcohol consumption or drug use, if the presence of elevated liver enzymes can indicate that they have hepatitis.

c) Tests to diagnose liver cancer   The most commonly used test to diagnose liver cancer is a blood test that determines alpha-FP levels, when AFP is higher than 500 micrograms/ml, it is suggestive of liver cancer. In addition, imaging tests such as ultrasound, abdominal CT scan have the effect of determining the location and invasion of liver tumors. Liver biopsy by fine needle aspiration alone or with ultrasound guidance for histopathological diagnosis.

2) Signs of liver and bile diseases in the early stages

If you see any of the following symptoms, you may have liver or gallbladder disease:

a) Stomachache: Prolonged upper abdominal pain (especially the right abdomen), dull pain, pain in one place, pain in many places can spread to the right back. After eating fatty foods with high fat content, the pain is more intense.

b) Jaundice: As the main symptom of gallstone disease, it may be accompanied by chills, fever, liver damage such as hepatitis, cirrhosis may also appear jaundice.

c) Digestion is not good: Distention, heartburn, fear of eating grease, body fatigue. Possible nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, bowel movements (diarrhea).  

d) Extrahepatic symptoms: There may be an itchy rash, arthritis, joint pain. Accompanied by flu-like symptoms: Chills, fever. It is possible to lose weight, body exhaustion.  

e) Weight: Weight loss, abdominal distention, bleeding gums, nosebleeds; skin rash or bleeding, bruising…. For women, it is common to have excessive menstrual periods, in men, there is a phenomenon of breast enlargement, sexual problems, and some neurological symptoms.



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