Stomach ulcers are currently a fairly common digestive disease, the main cause is an excess of HCl acid and the prolonged stagnation of the stomach. If the patient does not have a scientific diet and limit foods that cause HCl acid in the stomach to increase, the disease will get worse and worse.

However, it is not for that reason that the patient is too strict in eating because if not careful, it will lead to a decrease in the immune system and the body’s resistance. According to medical experts, to limit the extent of damage and help ulcers recover quickly, while ensuring nutrition, the following food groups should be used:

Food groups to help the stomach digest quickly, reduce stagnation:

Maintaining a box of yogurt every day is a way to supplement beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, and reduce the growth and adhesion of Ecoli, Yersina and especially bacteria. HP. Besides, for easy digestion, it is also recommended to use some types of meat in daily cooking such as lean loin, fish, pork heart, goose meat… These dishes are high in protein but easy to digest and easy to digest. should be prepared by steaming, boiling or braising instead of deep-frying.

Besides, you should also eat a lot of shrimp because this food is not only rich in protein but also rich in trace elements zinc to help all ulcers heal. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to combining a reasonable and nutritious diet with the use of yellow turmeric to quickly heal wounds and disinfect.

In addition to choosing good foods and drinks for gastritis, patients should also pay attention to some principles in eating: Should eat on time, divide meals, avoid foods that are difficult to digest, highly acidic foods, highly stimulating spices, carbonated drinks… At the same time, it also combines exercise and good living habits to help the stomach quickly stabilize and recover.



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