The outstanding paradox in stomach ulcer disease is that although there is no shortage of drugs, the number of patients only increases, not decreases!

Even more remarkable is that the number of relapse cases also increased even though the patient was treated according to the standard regimen and followed medical orders!

The answer is not simple, there are definitely 2 things that people with stomach pain need to pay attention to. That is:

– It is not too difficult to cut off stomach pain, but the disease will definitely recur if you focus on treating symptoms and forget to protect the stomach lining. In fact, it takes a few weeks after the pain is gone for the sores to actually go away.

– If the disease is in remission, it will not heal if the bacterial superinfection factor is not taken into account.- The gastric mucosa is ulcerated due to an imbalance between the offensive and protective factors in the digestive function of the stomach. The acidic substance in the stomach, also known as gastric juice, is responsible for pulverizing food before it reaches the small intestine. If for some reason, because of stressful work, stress, staying up late, superinfection, alcohol, erratic eating, etc., causing acid to be excreted excessively when there is no need for digestion, the stomach is easily inflamed. If the mucous membrane that covers the stomach lining is too thin, there will be an area of inflammation that turns into an ulcer, especially at the junction between the stomach and the esophagus because of the fragile structure.

But if based on that to choose a way to neutralize the acid, with antacids, the lack of sour substance due to long-term inhibitory drugs will lead to metabolic disorders. Therefore, in order to prevent the disease from reoccurring, it is necessary to pay attention to the factor of strengthening internal force by active ingredients to protect the gastric mucosa. That is the strong side of natural herbs with the effect of both antacid, protecting the stomach lining, and healing ulcers, like Turmeric!

In addition to the condition that the stomach lining is difficult to heal because the medicine is used in the direction of the wind trying to cover it, do not forget the insidious destructive hand of Helicobacter pylori (HP). In the past, many people still thought that superinfection on the gastric mucosa was an accompanying or secondary phenomenon after the ulcer had formed. That view is no longer standing, since researchers discovered that it is because of the presence of Helicobacter that stomach ulcers are prone to recurrence.

Going further, many researchers have warned of a link between Helicobacter and not only stomach cancer but even many other types of cancer!

Currently, the classic treatment regimen for HP infection is a combination of two specific antibiotics with acid-reducing inhibitors. But the effect is not always as desired due to drug-resistant strains of HP, the side effects of the drug, the high cost of treatment, or because the patient suffers from many chronic diseases at the same time, so it is too tiring to follow. End of therapy.



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