On the sidelines of the Prime Minister’s meeting with enterprises in 2016, at Hanoi, the reporter of Economics & Urban Newspaper had an interview with Mr. Luu Hai Minh – Chairman of Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company, Vice Chairman of Hanoi Young Business Association.

This is the first time Prime Minister and Government members have been in a direct conservation with the business community. So what do you recommend to the Government?

– We are company operating in the field of nanotechnology for agriculture, industry, biomedicine, environmental treatment … Nanotechnology is a clean technology for sustainable development and is encouraged to develop by developed countries.

In Vietnam, there are not many nanotechnology products and most are technology transfer from other countries. However, registring intellectual property rights in Vietnam takes a lot and absolutely has no limitation of time. Therefore, I would like the Government to instruct Ministry of Science and Technology and other Ministries to make specific provisions as soon as possible, because nanotechnology has been considered as a focal industry in Vietnam for a long time.

Secondly, hi-tech products with intellectual property registration, patent registration, utility solution registration having evaluated and appraised by the Government should be considered as the property of enterprises, approved of fiduciary loan by banks to facilitate businesses. This is very important for high-tech enterprises.

Thirdly, ministries such as Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology should regularly evaluate and reward enterprises to encourage them to engage in science and technology.

Forthly, it is necessary to reduce the registration time of products from abroad in Vietnam. If this time is troublesome, time-consuming and costly, businesses may not be interested in high technology anymore and they will only make simple and easy-to-do products. This will cause damage to market and economy.

How long does it take to apply for a hi-tech application from abroad in Vietnam?

– There are no rules or limitations on the time of registration. Currently, my company is registering a hi-tech product of Japan for antibacterial, disinfection for agriculture (killing H5N1, killing PRRS …). However, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has no specific guidance on the registration that businesses have to do by themselves.

In addition, we also have a lot of difficulties in applying for certificate of the fertilizer product using nanotechnology for clean vegetables. This product has received all the patents and applications in Japan for 11 years but still have to wait to register in Vietnam.

Our company has been operating in field of nanotechnology for 6 years with 3 patents, 5 technology transfer from abroad, 1 license from Ministry of Science and Technology. We hope that the registration time to bring new technology products to Vietnam will be shortened to facilitate the development of enterprises’ technology.

So what procedures, licensing in the registration process for high-tech products should be eliminated?

– For example, after registering our nanotechnological functional food, if we want to export our products, we must have a CFS license – if we want to have this license, we have to apply for permission again. In my opinion, this process should be shortened, once having registered as commercial products in Vietnam, the CFS should be automatically issued. With the current process, we take 45 – 60 days together with the fee to the licensing agency. Why not combine these two licenses to facilitate business?

Have any technology enterprises left this field of business because of being made difficulties?

– As far as I know, many businesses have to give up their business because being too tired of the procedures and legal barriers in science and technology. If continuing setting out absurd barriers, there will be no businesses which want to innovate. During the conservation with Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue also said that innovation at present was very poor. In order to change this situation, we expect the Government to remove barriers so that businesses can focus on innovation and serving the country.

Thank you Sir!

Source: http://kinhtedothi.vn/bi-lam-kho-doanh-nghiep-khong-the-doi-moi-2559.html



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