Nanotechnology applied in drug production is a new breakthrough in medicine. Using this technology is much more effective and efficient than traditional drug production and also reduces side effects.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanopharmaceuticals are new technologies discovered and applied to drug production. This technology allows the production of tablets containing a full range of biologically active substances with an absolute small size measured in nanometers. These pills contain guide molecules that are responsible for recognizing which destination is needed.

Using nanotechnology to produce pharmaceuticals will produce extremely small pills.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing that introduces nanotechnology will produce pills with extremely small sizes and attached to extremely specific identifiers. Drugs when used in the body will go to the desired locations and do not reduce the effect on the way. Due to the high direct recognition of the drug, the drug can be transported immediately to the place of action.

Application in Vietnam

It is known that on December 5, 2014, the Scientific Council of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology transferred for the first time the application of the research project of nano curcumin from turmeric to patients. for CVI Pharmaceutical Company.

Prof. Dr. Dao Van Phan – former Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Hanoi Medical University, said that turmeric is a precious medicinal plant among traditional medicinal plants. The main active ingredient responsible for the yellow color and effect of turmeric is curcumin. The results of clinical studies in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer also show that the use of curcumin helps to reduce tumor size without causing side effects.

Turmeric is one of the rare medicinal plants of traditional medicine.

According to Prof. Phan, by applying high technology and applying nanotechnology to form curcumin, it will have a super small size, only 1/80,000 of a human hair, well soluble in water, quickly absorbed into the blood, and bioavailable. up to 95% of the absorption of conventional curcumin (only 2%). Due to improved bioavailability and good penetration into cells, nano curcumin is being considered by scientists as the most powerful cancer cell killer.

Other countries

Many other countries have also applied this technology to pharmaceutical production. For example, Cuba has launched a drug to help the immune system fight transplant rejection in tissue transplant surgery. Accordingly, pharmaceuticals produced by this technology have a dosage 3 times lower than traditional drugs, but give quick results. This drug also has the function of preventing immune rejection and is used to treat arthritis.


However, nanopharmaceuticals is an advanced breakthrough technology that has immediate effects and limits many risks, so the cost of nano drugs is not cheap. If it is widely used, many people will not be able to use this drug because of poor economic conditions. Therefore, conventional pharmaceutical treatment is still the safest and most beneficial problem.



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