Hemorrhoids are injuries to the anal veins due to a great deal of pressure such as frequent straining to have a bowel movement with constant blood stasis, which will lead to dilation. People with hemorrhoids often face many difficulties in their daily activities. Especially when sitting because it directly affects the affected area.

How do I know if I have severe hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are mainly divided into 2 types, including internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

  • External hemorrhoids: When hemorrhoids originate in the veins around the anus, they can cause itching or pain, interfere with daily activities, and may bleed when the condition is severe.
  • Trĩ nội: This is when hemorrhoids arise from the inside of the rectum. External hemorrhoids are divided into many levels, the patient will feel less pain, so it is difficult to detect. When detected, the disease is usually at level 3, 4 and has prolapsed hemorrhoids.

If you are a person who often sits on the toilet for a long time, straining to have a bowel movement, or suffers from chronic diarrhea or constipation, eats less fiber… then my condolences because you are a high-risk object. this disease. Watch for symptoms such as bleeding during bowel movements, straining and even squatting; supine in the anal region; pain and swelling due to anal fissure.

The unpredictable effects of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a fairly common disease in Vietnam with a prevalence of more than 50% of the adult population. In people over the age of 40, the incidence can be as high as 40%. Most are afraid of the disease, try to endure it for a long time and often do not go to the doctor. Many people run carelessly and do not persevere, never recovering from the disease, leaving many dangerous complications.

First, due to a lot of blood loss due to hemorrhoids, the patient will show signs of fatigue and jaundice. The phenomenon of prolapsed hemorrhoids can cause blockage of blood vessels, necrosis; When these hemorrhoids bleed, they easily become inflamed, itchy, and spread to the surrounding areas. The hemorrhoids are most severe when the hemorrhoids are in stage 3, 4 will cause rectal cancer risk.

Get rid of hemorrhoids and constant pain with the most natural method

Many people with hemorrhoids are often afraid to touch cutlery and antibiotics, and have turned to natural folk remedies for self-treatment such as pharmaceuticals from flowers. However, the effect often takes a long time to be noticed, patients are often discouraged and lack patience with the disease.

In the flower, there is a compound called Rutin – a flavonoid aglycon compound with vitamin P activity, whose main effect is to protect the normal endurance of capillaries, thicken the vessel wall, and reduce the phenomenon of capillary rupture. – Mechanism of hemorrhoids. In addition, Rutin helps stimulate the secretion of intestinal mucosa to help laxative against constipation, the main cause of hemorrhoids.

However, Rutin is an extremely difficult compound to dissolve in water, in its raw dosage form, it is difficult for the body to absorb. The question is, how many kilograms of flowers must be used, how long will it take to get the initial effect?

And a solution that has enhanced the value of the precious drug Rutin is Nano Rutin OIC. Nano Rutin OIC product has completely overcome Ruitn’s weakness, increasing Rutin’s poor absorption by bringing Rutin to a microscopic form (Nano) from 20-50 nm, which can be completely dissolved in water with high properties. bioavailability increased to 99%. This is also the first rutin product prepared in the form of microscopic nano on the market. The product is patented by the National Office of Intellectual Property and voted as the favorite Vietnamese goods by consumers.

>>> Mr. Nguyen Van Hoc, 67 years old in Bac Giang, a veteran, shared: “I had mild hemorrhoids and a few years ago had an anal fistula that had to be operated on, every time I went to defecation, I felt pain and discomfort. After 3 months Persistently using Nano Rutein OIC in combination with a reasonable diet and living, the pain when going to the toilet has been reduced.”. 

>>> Ms. Hoang Que Giang has shared about the disease that “Never have I thought that simple things like going to the toilet gently and quietly, sitting comfortably on the sofa watching TV, walking around the park in the morning. could become a dream again, until Nano Rutin OIC appeared. After 2 months of perseverance and constant efforts, she can now return to a peaceful, worry-free life.

Details of Ms, Giang’s sharing here

>>> Tran Duc Minh shares the story of using Nano Rutin OIC – and the miraculous journey to get rid of hemorrhoids here.

Don’t let Hemorrhoids prevent you from leading a peaceful and comfortable life, please contact us for answers to all your questions about hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids and order genuine Nano Rutin OIC products at best prices.

Hotline: 1900.63.69.13 or 093.264.9168. 

Website: http://nanorutin.com/

*This supplement is not a medicine and is not meant to replace medicine.



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