Recently, besides prominent names such as collagen, vitamin E… Gamma Oryzanol is emerging as a new power in the field of beauty with its powerful antioxidant ability, bringing surprising effects to health and beauty. beauty. Let’s take a look at some information from a scientific perspective about this nutrient.

Be amazed with the powerful anti-oxidant power

Gamma-Oryzanol is a powerful antioxidant, capable of repelling free radicals and protecting lipids in the skin from oxidation.

Scientists from Japan’s Hamasatsu University of Pharmacy and the American University of Kuwait said that the study results surprised many people when they discovered that Gamma-Oryzanol has an antioxidant capacity four times more effective than vitamins. E.

Not only has strong antioxidant capacity, Gamma-Oryzanol also has the “advantage” of effectively penetrating the skin, so it is recognized by the beauty industry and cosmetic manufacturing as an indispensable ingredient of cosmetics. Treatment formulas and high-end cosmetic lines help prevent skin aging.

In addition to its beauty benefits, Gamma-Oryzanol also has good effects on health, especially helping to lower cholesterol, promote blood circulation, protect heart health and blood pressure. Gamma-Oryzanol is an antioxidant, so it also helps inhibit the formation of free radicals – the cause of weakening cells in the body leading to aging and memory loss diseases, Dementia, Alzheimer’s…

With great uses for health and beauty, Gamma Oryzanol is increasingly being widely applied in many fields around the world. In Japan, Gamma-Oryzanol is considered an antioxidant on the list of nutrients permitted for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food,…

Gamma-Oryzanol: “Quyền lực” mới của ngành công nghiệp làm đẹp

Gamma-Oryzanol is found only in pure rice oil, which is 4 times more effective in anti-oxidation than Vitamin E.

What is the difference between Gamma-Oryzanol and collagen?

Although both are applied in the pharmaceutical industry – cosmetics for health care and beauty, there are obvious differences between Gamma-Oryzanol and collagen in terms of origin, mechanism of action as well as uses.

In fact, collagen is a protein produced by the body itself, distributed mainly in the dermis and accounts for about 70% of the skin structure. Collagen is not an antioxidant but can be roughly understood as a type of filler, helping organs and tissues, especially the skin, gain firmness and elasticity. However, the effect of collagen is highly dependent on cutting technology (the smaller the cut, the more likely it is to penetrate the skin).

Meanwhile, Gamma-Oryzanol is found only in the bran coat of the rice grain. Through the process of extracting oil from rice bran, most of Gamma-Oryzanol is extracted into pure rice oil. Thanks to the “advantage” of good penetration through the skin, Gamma-Oryzanol promotes anti-aging effects by direct application effectively.

Gamma-Oryzanol also has the ability to slow down the progression of melanin pigment by blocking the impact of ultraviolet rays on the surface of the skin, hindering the dispersion of these ultraviolet rays on the skin. inhibits the formation of freckles, age spots, and tanning. Thanks to this property, Gamma-Oryzanol is often found in sunscreen and skin whitening products.

Pure rice oil (rich in Gamma-Oryzanol) has also been applied by many cosmetic companies in anti-aging skin and hair product lines, helping women have more new options in the work of preserving youth.

Gamma-Oryzanol: “Quyền lực” mới của ngành công nghiệp làm đẹp

Gamma-Oryzanol is chosen by many women around the world as an effective anti-aging treatment.

Besides the trend of cosmetic beauty, Gamma-Oryzanol is also present in “home-made” beauty recipes as a natural beauty treatment that is very popular in Asian countries. In particular, pure rice oil is used alone or in combination with herbs, fruits, fresh milk … to create formulas for skin rejuvenation, sun protection, anti-pigmentation, damaged hair restoration … simple simple but effective.

Not stopping there, Gamma-Oryzanol also promotes anti-aging and disease prevention through food. In advanced countries such as the US, Japan, and Korea, rice oil is known as the healthiest cooking oil and is widely used in cooking at home.

From elaborate laboratory studies officially confirmed by scientists, Gamma-Oryzanol with its powerful antioxidant properties is emerging as a new star in the field of beauty and anti-aging. and is a safe and effective choice to help women maintain the youthfulness of their skin and hair.



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