Liver enzymes are a common noun, used to refer to 2 types of metabolic enzymes in the liver, often abbreviated as SGOT and SGPT, they are very sensitive to liver cell damage. If the disease is prolonged, it will weaken the functioning of the liver and eventually lead to liver failure, jaundice and cirrhosis.

The liver is an internal organ, the second largest organ after the stomach. The liver plays many important roles in maintaining a stable state, in addition to the function of metabolizing some substances in the body, the liver also helps the body process a number of toxic substances, helping other parts of the body. functions can be performed.

With the performance of so many important functions as well as working so hard that some simple harmful agents enter, liver diseases also gradually appear and high liver enzymes is one of them. . When you have a HIGH LIVER ENZYMES test result, you are actually having some problems with your liver. High liver enzymes are a condition in which the damaged liver is no longer able to perform its functions perfectly.


There are many different reasons for high liver enzymes, in Vietnam according to a number, the most common cause of elevated liver enzymes is hepatitis virus, drinking too much alcohol, unreasonable diet, … moreover, it is also caused by malaria, diseases related to the biliary tract and diseases related to the liver. Each different reason will cause different liver enzyme status expressed in a number of liver enzyme indicators


Hepatitis from any cause can cause liver enzymes to increase, but hepatitis caused by viruses such as A, B, C, E, D has very high levels and often causes acute inflammation.

Liver damage caused by virus is a very dangerous type of injury because after the virus enters the liver cells, they reproduce very quickly, very strongly and destroy the liver cells that they invade, so the number of liver enzymes released. more. Therefore, in cases of acute hepatitis or fulminant hepatitis or liver cancer, the amount of liver enzymes increases rapidly, sometimes up to 5,000 U/l.


Alcohol, beer is a common cause in cases of increased liver enzymes, especially alcohol, it destroys liver cells, from which liver enzymes increase. The amount of liver enzymes increased in people who drink alcohol, beer depends on the dose and quality of alcohol and beer. Normally, when liver enzyme levels increase due to alcohol, the AST type is usually 2-10 times higher while the ALT level increases slightly.


In malaria, especially severe malaria, liver enzymes can also be elevated because the cells of the liver and kidneys are damaged.


Liver enzymes may also be elevated in biliary tract diseases such as cholangitis, cholecystitis, intrahepatic cholelithiasis, congenital biliary atresia, or liver abscess.


In addition, in some other diseases such as iron overload, autoimmune hepatitis, autoimmune diseases in the small intestine or when taking certain drugs to treat a certain disease, such as tuberculosis drugs also affect affect the metabolism of hepatocytes, causing hepatotoxicity or acute hepatitis. In the case of using drugs to lower blood lipids, liver enzymes can also be increased, but when stopping the drug, liver enzymes return to normal values.


Almost all liver-related diseases develop in the body silently, so the severity of the disease is alarming and high liver enzyme disease is unavoidable.

The severity of the disease will depend on liver enzymes indicators, when some liver enzymes are higher, the risk of stroke is higher, especially AST and ALT levels, when doubled, stroke rate up to 78%, an alarming symptom. At that time, high liver enzyme disease had developed into a number of other dangerous liver-related diseases such as cirrhosis, liver cancer, .. these are the reasons for death in high enzyme disease.

Tuy nhiên, biết bản thân mắc bệnh lý này, người bệnh cũng không nên lo sợ quá vì sẽ làm căn bệnh ngày một trở nên nghiêm trọng hơn, hãy luôn thư giãn tâm lí tìm phương pháp chữa trị bệnh cũng như tuân thủ theo đúng một số nguyên tắc trong việc chữa căn bệnh.However, knowing that you have this disease, the patient should not be too afraid because it will make the disease more and more serious, always relax mentally to find a cure for the disease as well as follow it properly is the principles in the treatment of diseases.


People with high liver enzymes should go for regular health check-ups to be monitored by a doctor and control the progress of the disease. When detecting an increase in liver enzymes, patients should pay attention to a daily diet that does not eat animal fat, fried and fried foods, supplement with necessary vitamins and minerals, and should abstain from alcohol, beer and other types of alcoholic beverage, should not smoke cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Besides, it is necessary to use drugs to prevent and support the best treatment.

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