Curcumin essence must be no stranger to many girls with acne-prone skin. Let’s find out the effects of Curcumin as well as how to use them effectively in treating acne!

You are often haunted when you look in the mirror and see that your face is full of dark spots left by acne. You need a solution to acne scars. Then the effect of Curcumin will be a savior for you in effective acne treatment! Here are useful information about Curcumin, its effects and how to use this essence you can refer to.

What is curcumin and its uses

Curcumin essence contained in turmeric, turmeric is known as an effective beauty food with the effect of treating dark spots and scars. Besides, in addition to the above 2 uses, turmeric also has the effect of beautifying the skin, whitening the skin very effectively!

Treat acne effectively with Curcumin essence

Up to 90% of women with acne leave bruises, this is because after acne, the skin is damaged with the impact of ultraviolet rays, increasing the production of melanin. bruises on the skin. According to scientific research, the use of nano Curcumin has the ability to destroy melanin, thereby removing acne blemishes quickly. Besides, the use of this essence before bruises form also works to prevent the formation of post-acne bruises.

As for acne scars, they are formed due to inflammation of the skin or in response to external influences such as: squeezing acne, extracting acne. This leads to the destruction of the dermal connective tissue, leading to the formation of concave scars. The use of  Curcumin has also fulfilled its role very well in the production of collagen and elastin to help fill indented scars and heal scars.

The product has completely removed turmeric oil, fiber, residue and only the precious active ingredient Curcumin remains in turmeric and completely ensures safety and hygiene.

Using Nano Technology, Nano Curcumin <39nm particle size, Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC increases the absorption and penetration of Curcumin into the skin, making it more than 100 times more effective than regular turmeric.

– You can use it directly or mix the product with yogurt to apply a mask to help brighten skin and prevent acne.

– Apply the product directly on acne, dark spots, melasma to treat acne and fade dark spots and pigmentation.

– Suitable for all skin types, safe for postpartum women.

– Drink 1ml of LNCO every day with 300ml of water for deep clean skin care from within.

Bạn đã tự tin tạm biệt những nốt thâm mụn với Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC  chưa? Nếu bạn đã sẵn sàng rồi thì hãy bắt tay vào kế hoạch trị thâm mụn hiệu quả bằng Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC ngay từ hôm nay thôi.



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