There are many types of cancer and each type has different symptoms. However, they all have common signs so that you can recognize them and get treatment soon.

1. Distention 

This is one of the signs of ovarian cancer. Do not change due to menstrual cycle, water retention, indigestion..if you have abnormal abdominal bloating, you need to pay attention. If abdominal bloating is accompanied by pain or swelling in the abdomen, pelvic area is not…, should see a doctor.

2. Changes in breasts 

If you notice lumps or other changes in your breast tissue, on the surface of your skin, and on and around your nipples, you need to see your doctor right away. If the skin on the breast is red and thick, the nipple suddenly discharges, is flat, raised or dropped, you need to go to the hospital soon, as this can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.

3. Sudden weight loss 

It is not due to exercise or dieting to lose weight that the body suddenly loses weight, you should not ignore it. Most likely it is a sign of cancer, especially colon cancer, stomach cancer or other parts related to the digestive tract.

4. Changes in skin

Signs of skin cancer are changes in skin texture, warts, moles or melasma. If there are “unusual” spots on the skin’s surface, different from the normal skin color, you should see a doctor immediately.

5. Abnormal bleeding

The cycle is suddenly messy, you bleed a lot and it hurts, you need to see a doctor for advice. They can be signs of cervical cancer or urological cancer. Besides, if you see blood in the urine or stools, it can be due to many reasons, it can be blood from the vagina or hemorrhoids, but it can also be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer. even colorectal cancer.

6. Fever, cough, persistent pain

If the pain persists for a long time without any other injury or disease, it is necessary to see a doctor, specifying the symptoms you are experiencing such as when the pain started, the type of pain, and the location. for early treatment direction. Few people know that fever is one of the symptoms that occurs with early blood cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma. A persistent cough that is not caused by a cold or flu is also worth noting because it is one of the signs of lung cancer.

7. Difficulty swallowing and frequent indigestion

You need to be on the lookout for symptoms such as finding it difficult to swallow food, or feeling like food is always stuck in your throat. This is one of the signs of esophageal cancer or throat cancer. Besides the signs of feeling nausea, discomfort, heat in the upper abdomen, or vomiting blood, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible for treatment because if left for a long time, it can lead to stomach cancer. thickening or cancer of the esophagus.

8. Ulcers in the mouth

If you start to have white patches on the oral mucosa, white dots on the tongue, ulcers in the oral cavity or on the lips, you need a plan to check and detect early. In addition, ulcers in the skin and genital area that cause bruising or bleeding also need attention and timely treatment.

9. Fatigue and weakness

The most common symptom of cancer, yet the most overlooked, is fatigue. This is such a common symptom that it is impossible to conclude that it is caused by cancer. Cancer fatigue will make you feel exhausted even at rest, and deplete your body quickly for no apparent reason.

The lymph nodes are usually located in the neck, armpits, and groin. If they become infected they will get bigger and will get smaller when the infection is treated or gone. However, during treatment and follow-up, if you notice that the lymph nodes are still getting bigger for more than 1 month, forming a large mass, not related to an infection, you need to go to the doctor to recognize it immediately, because it is a disease. in the markers of lymphoma and leukemia.



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