Stage 4 or terminal lung cancer is the most severe form of cancer with cancer cells growing continuously and metastasizing far, affecting the functioning of every organ in the body. When diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, most patients often have a mentality of letting their fates go because they think that treatment is also a waste of time and only adds to the cost. Therefore, the treatment and palliative care for lung cancer patients at this stage becomes even more difficult due to the influence of psychological factors.

Here are some notes that you need to know when providing palliative care for cancer patients in general and lung cancer patients in particular in order to give proper care to help patients have more motivation to fight this disease. .

Pay attention to the patient’s state of health

In the late stages of lung cancer, cancer cells have spread to other organs in the body. At this time, lung cancer treatments, besides attacking the original cancer cells, also have another task of killing metastatic cells. Therefore, the patient will often feel tired, nauseated, cough a lot… Caregivers should be aware of the patient’s health developments and promptly notify the doctor in charge to make appropriate adjustments. on drugs.

Absolutely do not arbitrarily give patients drugs that are not prescribed by the doctor, even common cold medicines, as well as other functional foods. Any medical intervention must be approved by a doctor and must be strictly adhered to in terms of dosage and administration.

Patients with late-stage lung cancer often find it difficult to swallow food, you should prepare soft and easy-to-swallow foods such as porridge, soup, juice, etc. Should divide meals during the day, supplement with high-energy foods and rich in protein such as meat, fish, milk, butter… to improve the health of patients. Always keep food safe and hygienic. Create a happy atmosphere while eating, can let the patient do light exercise before eating to have a more comfortable psychological state when eating.

Taking care of patients with terminal lung cancer may be difficult, but proper care and love and faith in the patient, it will give the patient more motivation to fight back. this disease.

In addition, there are many signs to recognize lung cancer, if you detect it early, the chances of successful treatment will be much higher.



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