Nanotechnology is playing an important role in human life. The inventions below really amaze many people.

1. Nanopatch.

For those who are afraid of needles, a nano patch called Nanopatch is a great solution. This is the invention of Australian bioengineer Mark Kendall to replace needles with painless, safer, cheaper and more effective.
Nanopatch, about 1 cm2 in size, applies the vaccine directly to the area of immune cells. Nanopatch uses tools to push away micro particles, painless.

The process does not cause bleeding, significantly reducing the risk of infection. In addition, Nanopatch is coated with a dry vaccine, which does not require refrigeration, which greatly reduces all costs.

2. Nano water filter cover.

The BP oil spill in 2010 caused many headaches. However, the future will have a filter layer developed from nanotechnology invented by researchers from Ohio State, USA.

This nano layer incorporates a stainless steel mesh sheet that will trap oil and allow water to pass through.
Nature-inspired nano coating, shaped like a lotus leaf, repels water but retains oil. This nano-coating technology simulates the rough surface of a lotus leaf and is embedded with detergent molecules, which are impervious to oil, similar to a waterproof lotus leaf.

This coating is almost invisible and invisible to the naked eye, can be mass-produced at a cheap price, only about 1 USD/0.09m2.

3. Nano sponge phone charger.

This sponge will help you to charge your phone anywhere in 30 seconds and use it for a day.

Israeli company StoreDot has released a battery that can store a fairly large and faster charge, acting like a super sponge that can be dipped through a power source and saved.
Nano sponge charging is based on the formation of “nano dots”, which change the traditional way of charging batteries, allowing faster penetration and storage of power.

In addition, the team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has launched a nanogenerator called Nanogenerator, integrated directly into the phone case, made from a piezoelectric polymer (Polyvinylidene floride/PVDF).

The phone is charged by vibration energy. 

4. Artificial retina.

Israeli researchers have developed an artificial retina that helps restore vision to millions of visually impaired people.
The biological retina, after being implanted in the eye, will link the living neurons in the patient’s eye with the optic nerve cells through cells that receive artificial light stimulation. As a result, images and movements are sent to the brain.

Patients after being transplanted artificial retina only need to wear glasses with integrated laser energy. The patient’s vision will be significantly restored about 1 week after the artificial retina transplant.

5. Lighting clothing.

The luminous reflective yarn invented by researchers in Shanghai would be an excellent material in apparel.

Each strand is designed from stainless steel, coated with nanoparticles and a photovoltaic polymer layer.
The result is a lightweight and flexible material that glows entirely with its own electrochemical energy. However, the material only glows for a few hours. The researchers are optimistic that they will find a way to make these fibers glow even longer.



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