The gastric mucosa plays a very important role in the digestion of food by the stomach and protects this organ from pathogenic effects. When food is brought down to the stomach, this lining will secrete gastric juice containing enzymes and hydrochloric acid (can kill bacteria and create a suitable environment for enzymes to work). Therefore, the protection of the gastric mucosa is very necessary and important. Each person needs to learn and be alert to the causes of gastric mucosal inflammation to avoid damage to this organ that will affect the digestive function of the stomach.

Causes of gastric mucosal inflammation due to eating

For all diseases of the stomach there is a direct link and closely related to the diet. Unreasonable and unscientific habits and diets are the main cause of damage to this organ and lead to stomach diseases such as gastric mucosal inflammation, stomach pain, and stomach ulcers. duodenum, etc. The daily eating habits can gradually cause inflammation of the stomach lining as follows:

– Habit of eating too much hot, sour, and fermented foods

– Eat a lot of foods that contain fat

– Habits of drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking are frequent causes of gastritis, stomach ulcers, …. and make the condition worse.

– Due to the habit of eating at the wrong time, eating at the wrong time, often eating late at night, eating while lying down, eating too full or letting the stomach get too hungry.

– Eating too quickly, not chewing well, overloads the stomach, causing it to work for a long time, leading to injury.

Causes of gastric mucosal inflammation due to drugs and chemicals

The use of certain drugs such as pain relievers (aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, …), naproxen (Aleve), …); antibiotics; drugs containing corticosteroids … are very easy to damage the stomach lining.

Besides, in daily life can be exposed to many chemicals such as acids, metal dust, chemicals from food, … also increase the risk of gastric mucosal inflammation.

In addition, in people who have previously received radiation therapy, chemotherapy in cancer treatment can also cause inflammation of the stomach lining, more dangerous can lead to ulcers and stomach bleeding.

Causes of inflammation of the stomach lining due to infection

Mainly due to Helicobacter Pylori (HP) infection causes most stomach diseases. Factors caused by a polluted living environment and unsafe food create favorable conditions for bacteria to attack and damage the gastric mucosa.

Psychological causes of gastric mucosal inflammation

Psychological factors greatly affect the functioning of the stomach that not everyone knows and pays attention to. In people who are often worried, prolonged stress, fear, too much work pressure also affect and lead to stomach diseases and make the disease more and more serious and difficult to treat.

Pathological causes of gastric mucosal inflammation

Related diseases affect gastric function and cause gastric mucosal inflammation, gastric ulcer such as diabetes, liver disease, bile reflux disease, liver failure, kidney failure, etc.

The above are common causes of gastric mucosal inflammation, you need to pay attention to take measures to prevent and overcome the disease effectively.



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