Berberin – the main active ingredient in the plant plays an important role in lowering cholesterol, preventing coronary heart disease, and improving heart function.

Berberin is the main active ingredient in Coscinium Usitatum – a type of woody vine. The reason why Coscinium Usitatum is so named is that the wood in its trunk and roots are yellow – the characteristic color of the active ingredient Berberin.

Usually, when it comes to Berberin, most of us immediately think of its effective effects on the digestive tract. But a lot of recent research shows that berberin also plays an important role in preventing coronary heart disease and improving heart function.

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Berberin and the effect of reducing blood fat, preventing atherosclerosis

Scientists discovered that the active ingredient berberin has an active role in protecting the vessel wall, preventing the formation of atheroma. Because berberin acts on the vascular endothelium (lining inside the blood vessel) and the smooth muscle cell layer of the vessel wall, thereby increasing the elasticity and suppleness of the vessel wall; Berberin suppresses the inflammatory response, fights the formation of atheroma from the very beginning.

Berberin is of interest to pharmacologists in lipid metabolism through inhibition of cholesterol and triglyceride synthesis in the liver. In fact, since 2004, in many Western countries, Berberin has been used in the treatment of hyperlipidemia (blood fat) in many Western countries, it is even considered “a new cholesterol-lowering drug”. Studies have evaluated the effectiveness of Berberin as equivalent to Statins – a class of drugs commonly used to lower blood lipids. It was also noted that the combination of Berberin with Simvastatin in the treatment of blood lipids significantly reduced levels of blood LDL-c, total cholesterol as well as Trigiceride – far better than Simvastatin alone.

Berberin – cardiac rehabilitation

In addition to the effects on blood vessels, many studies have demonstrated the role of berberin in enhancing heart endurance. Research conducted in China has opened up new hope for patients with myocardial hypertrophy and chronic heart failure because berberin has the ability to inhibit myocardial hypertrophy, improve indicators of contractility. , the ability of the heart muscle to dilate and regulate sympathetic nerve activity in the heart.

Another study in China in patients with congestive heart failure or idiopathic myocardial ischemia showed that the addition of berberin to the standard treatment regimen significantly improved left ventricular function, increased physical strength, dyspnea, fatigue also improved significantly compared with the control group that did not use Berberin.

From the initial positive results, currently Berberin is still the destination of many studies to apply the production of drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases in the future. Currently, the use of berberin alone for cardiovascular disease is still in the trial process and requires official recommendations from pharmacologists around the world.

In Vietnam, Coscinium Usitatum containing berberin active ingredient is used for cardiovascular disease in the form of health supplement, which is combined with many heart-healthy ingredients such as Dan Sam extract, Natto extract, L-carnitin. , is evaluated as an effective treatment support solution for people with cardiovascular disease, contributing to reducing anxiety about cardiovascular events and having a healthier heart.




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