Knowing it is harmful, but up to 70% of Vietnamese men still have the habit of using alcohol in every occasion of festivals, weddings, holidays and even daily. Alcohol, light, causes intoxication, uncontrolled behavior, severe causes liver diseases, health failure, even death when suffering from cirrhosis, ascites, liver cancer. So how to eliminate alcohol and protect the liver effectively?

Situation of alcohol in Vietnam – worrying numbers.

Many statistics show that from 2010 to now, Vietnam has always been in the top of countries with the highest alcohol consumption rate in the world. Accordingly, our country ranks 2nd in Southeast Asia, 10th in Asia and 29th in the world.

According to the non-governmental organization HealthBridge in Vietnam, each year our country consumes about 3 billion liters of beer and 200 million liters of alcohol. It is noteworthy that up to 70% of Vietnamese men drink alcohol and beer and 1 in 4 people use alcohol and beer at harmful levels. Regardless of the occasion, from parties to filial ceremonies, and even in daily meals, people still drink alcohol as a necessity. And many people still think that drinking 2-3 times a week, each time a few cups is normal, nothing is harmful. It is this disregard that partly explains why the incidence of alcohol-related diseases in our country is increasing.

In addition to the obvious harms after drinking such as headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, the alcohol in alcohol also affects many organs in the body, causing many harms to the body that we did not expect.

Most notably, alcohol causes the strongest damage to the liver, which can lead to serious liver diseases, making the liver unable to metabolize toxins, causing toxins to stagnate in the body, toxic to the organs. mandarin. This creates a loop that causes the body to rapidly weaken and is very susceptible to following liver diseases such as alcoholic cirrhosis or liver cancer.

In addition to liver diseases, people who drink a lot of alcohol also face a series of health problems such as delirium, heart disease, gout, peptic ulcer, diabetes, high blood pressure. …

9 harmful effects of alcohol and beer that many people do not know.

As we all know, drinking a lot of alcohol will make us often feel: headache, vomiting, fatigue, confusion, … not only that in the long run, it will be one of the potential causes of the problems related to the liver, kidneys, nerves, heart, cancer and many more…

1 – Affects the brain.

When a large amount of alcohol enters the body, they disrupt the body’s brain, causing our brain to no longer control and regulate the activities of the subcortical centers. Thereby causing negative actions of the drinker such as staggered walking, slow reaction, loss of control and more recklessness.

2 – Affects the heart muscle.

Alcohol causes the heart muscle to degenerate, the cardiovascular apparatus is damaged. Long-term use of strong alcohol can cause myocardial relaxation, ventricular hypertrophy, and fibrosis.

3 – Harm to the stomach.

According to some studies, when alcohol enters the body, they are broken down from ethanol into acetaldehyde (very toxic substance) that can cause stomach ulcers. When the amount of beer, alcohol put into the body too much will cause stomach ulcers, stomach ulcers and duodenum.

4 – Harm to liver.

When alcohol enters the body it is quickly absorbed with 20% absorbed in the stomach and 80% in the small intestine, after 30-60 minutes all alcohol is absorbed. After that, alcohol is metabolized mainly in the liver (90%). It is for this reason that the function of preventing various toxins carried by the blood from the intestines or outside to the liver is impaired, leading to fatty liver, cirrhosis and more seriously, liver cancer.

5 – Harm to heart, blood pressure.

Alcohol causes B1 deficiency, making patients feel tired, edematous, cyanotic, reduce exercise capacity … gradually leading to heart failure. Alcohol intoxication leads to acute myocarditis, which carries a high risk of death. In addition, alcohol also causes atrial or ventricular arrhythmias, especially paroxysmal tachycardia in normal people.

6 – Reduce the body’s resistance.

Alcohol reduces the immune system’s ability to attack bacteria and prevent disease. That’s why drunk people are very susceptible to colds and wind…

7 – Affect health.

Alcohol weakens metabolism, increases uric acid – the cause of gout. People who drink alcohol will often feel pain and fatigue in the joints.

8 – Effects on sexual ability and reproductive health.

For men, a blood alcohol concentration of 8-10 g/100cc is enough to dilate blood vessels, hindering the sexual process, especially alcohol also affects the quality of sperm, when combined with eggs. to get pregnant easily leads to generation failure.

For women, alcoholism will weaken the hypothalamus – pituitary gland, ovaries, leading to no longer ovulating, leading to menstrual disorders, affecting fertility, causing the risk of premature birth …

9 – Cause mental illness.

Alcohol is a powerful psychoactive substance. Excessive alcohol use causes a number of mental disorders.

Please stop using alcohol, beer to ensure your health.



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