After a long night of sleep, the body performs a lot of excretory and metabolic processes, eliminating toxins, receiving nutrients and repairing errors. After waking up, if you look in the mirror, you will see that your hair is oily or greasy, your skin is oily or drier, your face is pale, your mouth has a strange taste, and your breath smells bad.

Take this opportunity to tell you a simple way to self-examine yourself, which is to feel the different flavors of saliva after waking up. This is one of the most accurate warning signs of the disease, you should not ignore it.

1. Bitter taste in mouth: Beware of hepatitis, gallstones

After waking up, if your saliva has a bitter taste, or the urine is thick yellow, it is necessary to consider the possibility that the liver is hot leading to inflammation.

If the bitter mouth is accompanied by signs of a larger swelling on the right side, accompanied by signs of a strange feeling after eating a lot of greasy foods, then you should be checked for gallstones.

2. Mouth tastes sweet: Diabetes is forming

When you wake up with a sweet taste in your mouth, it is a manifestation of the spleen being overheated. This sign reminds you that you should urgently eat more green vegetables, immediately limit eating too much meat and fatty foods.

At the same time, you should urgently increase exercise, reduce staying up late. If the phenomenon of sweet mouth persists with thirst and frequent urination, you should be careful with diabetes.

3. Mouth has a salty taste: There may be a serious problem with the kidneys

When you wake up, swallow saliva with a salty taste in your mouth, it is likely a sign of kidney failure. If accompanied by frequent urination, back and waist pain, fear of cold, fatigue and other unusual symptoms, then urgently consult a nephrologist.

4. Mouth has a sour taste: Stomach indigestion, digestive system trouble

When you wake up feeling sour in your mouth, it is a sign that tells you that the liver and stomach are having abnormalities, the liver is increasing gas.

At this time, your body will show signs of fatigue, mental decline, poor appetite or not wanting to eat. When the signs of digestive problems, you need to pay attention to nourishing the spleen and detoxifying, taking care of the liver as soon as possible.

5. Pale mouth: Possible cold, weak spleen

The concept of pale mouth here is understood that you eat any food without feeling its exact taste, feeling unappetizing. In addition to checking to see if you have a cold, think about whether your spleen is damaged.

If you are experiencing mild symptoms of pale mouth, you can cook soup or porridge of yams (from tubers), bowl beans, and white beans to supplement nutrition for the spleen, helping to improve the disease quickly.

If the sensation of paleness in the mouth persists, then a doctor should be consulted to check related organ function.

6. Fishy mouth: The lungs may be hot

After waking up with a fishy smell in your mouth, remember that this is one of the signs of hot flushing lung disease.

If it is true that the mouth is fishy, you should take advantage of eating some lettuce leaves, juniper flowers, hawthorn fruit, pears, and almonds in an appropriate amount to improve the situation and minimize lung heat. Choosing foods that cool the lungs is the first thing. After that, if it gets worse, you should consult a doctor.

To protect the health of you and your family, you can mix 1ml of Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC with 300ml of drinking water every morning.

Helps protect your stomach and duodenum.

The taste in the mouth after waking up is considered an important health test.



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