Smoking has many negative effects on the body. These include accelerating skin aging, causing high blood pressure, cancer and other diseases. Not only does it directly affect smokers themselves, tobacco smoke also affects those who inhale it. However, there are habits that are also very common that a lot of people are getting into without knowing that they cause cancer even faster than cigarettes.

1. Eat meat often

Recently, a specialized American journal published a study showing that people who regularly eat animal protein have a shorter life expectancy and have a 4 times higher cancer rate than people who eat less meat. This suggests that people who eat meat regularly are at the same risk of dying from cancer as smokers. So, not only should you supplement with animal protein, but you should also eat an appropriate amount of plant protein.

2. Sitting watching TV for too long

A study at the University of Queensland, Australia showed that for every 1 cigarette smoked, it reduces life expectancy by about 11 minutes. However, even for people over the age of 25 who do not smoke, watching TV for 1 hour will shorten life by about 21.8 minutes. This is caused by the habit of sitting still for too long which is a cause of cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

3. Drink carbonated drinks

According to an American health survey, if you drink 1 cup of carbonated drink about 237ml / day, it will cause aging of immune cells about 2 years earlier. Meanwhile, if you drink from 2.5 cups (equivalent to about 592ml) a day, the telomeres (repeat ends of chromosomes) will age you by about 5 years, and so on, the harmful effects of water Carbonated sweets are just as horrible as when you smoke.



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