Currently Health Supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin are being widely sold nationwide and overseas markets.

The product is trusted and used by a large number of customers, is a good health supplement, supports stomach and colon diseases, high liver enzymes, enhances resistance, beauty, postpartum recovery … the product is highly appreciated for its quality, most customers who have used the product for the first time come back to buy again and intend to use it for a long time.

Because the health supplement product of Liquid Nano Curcumin is researched and produced in the form of liquid, it is inevitable that it will be spilled when transported to long distances.

Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company received comments and feedback from customers and partners and changed the bottle cap so that there was no spillage of the liquid when transporting it long distances.

The plastic cap is designed to come with a 60 ml glass bottle, the lid has the effect of preserving, preventing spills and leaks in the vial. Safe for long-distance transportation, when opening the bottle to use, screw the cap back so that you can carry it for convenient use for the next time when going on a business trip, or away from work.


  • Anti-volatile when holding the liquid, helps keep the scent for a long time, ensuring a natural scent.
  • Increasing the aesthetics of the product
  • Resistant overflow, leak in jar.

Design, design

  • Compact design, easy to use.

Product quality

  • The lid is made of PP material, manufactured according to modern production lines.
  • Thick, sturdy plastic lid
  • Easy to open
  • li>

Plastic cap is used 38mm white PP (polypropylene) material, 1 step 66cc, anti-spill.

With the above knowledge, you can identify which plastic products used every day come from.

However, just to be sure, it is possible to do a simple experiment of burning. PE, HDPE, PP plastic all belong to a family with almost the same chemical structure, if they have low molecular weight, they are similar to paraffin (wax). Therefore, if the lighter burns, there is no burning smell, it is PE, HDPE or PP. PET, ABS plastic burns with a flame with black smoke and a burning smell. And PVC does not burn into flames.

The company has selected the product as PP plastic because of its safe chemical properties.

Currently, the company is using 3 types of lids in parallel (image below) to serve the needs of customers in all parts of the country, and foreign customers.

Health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin is produced at Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Truong Tho with GMP – WHO – GSP. 

We I always try my best to fully and promptly meet customers’ hands with the best quality products and services.

Instructions on how to open the product cover:

  • 1st and 2nd cap images: Press down and turn counterclockwise according to the instructions on the lid. 2 types of top caps still have the same opening method.
  • 22092743_327873964344625_175977895_o.jpg                                                                           IMG_3444.JPG                                                                               
  • Image of the 3rd cap (Anti-Spill Cap): Turn your hand slightly counter-clockwise. 

The image below will help customers identify the product in a better way.



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