Once considered an outsider in the biomedical industry, for more than 11 years, the inventor, Dr. Luu Hai Minh, has persistently written the story of the massive Nano with his relentless research.

7 years of research and definition of success – failure.

OIC NEW was established in 2009 but only launched the first product in 2016 which is Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC. That 7-year process is a huge financial and material investment, non-stop efforts, and thousands of failures. Do not follow the path, do not follow the old method, put technology and quality factors first, the journey that Dr. Luu Hai Minh’s choice seems to be a foretold success journey.

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Inventor Luu Hai Minh once shared: “When I give up, it is a FAILURE and SUCCESS is when I make a product that is recognized by everyone”.

During those 7 years, Luu Hai Minh continuously received words of encouragement from family and friends and sometimes he was “praised” for the two words “paranoid”. But with his own ideals and determination as hard as iron, Minh asserted that only if he didn’t give up, nothing was a failure. Claiming to be a “bloody” person, steadfast in his ideals, but within 7 years for a pharmaceutical nanotechnology research company that has not yet launched a product, it is inevitable that people around as well will be attacked. like himself, he also feels depressed, disappointed in himself and always feels “tricked” even though “no one cheated on me” – Mr. Minh shared wittily.

Solve the problem of balancing Technology and Marketing

After launching the product Nano Curcumin solution, Dr. Luu Hai Minh continued to face difficulties when finding ways to market the product to consumers. Previously, he was a successful businessman with different professions such as computer technology, software and also quartz import and export, but for this doctor, pharmaceuticals is a complete field. totally different. Pharmaceuticals must take customer value as the center, the mission of the business is to protect the health of consumers. OIC NEW’s Nano technology is an advanced technology, the foundation technology for Industry 4.0 with many outstanding advantages compared to conventional pharmaceutical products. So how do customers know that? And what do people understand about Nano? Frequently asked questions in OIC NEW team meetings.

People mentioned Luu Minh Hai more through the program Shank Tank Vietnam with the title “Pledge the house in exchange for 5 billion investment”. It is an interesting story in the stage of bringing the product to the consumer. “House mortgage” – shows that his determination is so great that it is hard for anyone to match. He once shared, for that decision, he himself felt reckless because “mortgaging the house” affected not only him but also his wife and children. But he himself feels confident with his technology, confident in the value it brings to consumers. And not to disappoint him, not only received investment, but he was also known by more people and many people learned about Nano, learned about his products and contacted him for help.

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“I want to help those who want to research my Nano science and technology in the future to turn Vietnamese herbs and herbs to treat a wide range of chronic and malignant diseases.”

After mastering Nano technology and his products are trusted by customers, Mr. Minh has a new dream for himself. “If you don’t wish, then wish is big” – His dream is that when it comes to Nano products, he must mention OIC NEW, when he mentions OIC NEW, he must immediately think of the symbol of the pioneering industry. innovation and application of advanced technology not only in Vietnam but also internationally. In the pharmaceutical market, not only OIC NEW makes Nano, but when it comes to product quantity to quality, OIC NEW is both a pioneer flag and confidently leads the industry. Focusing most of his resources on product research and development, Mr. Minh defines himself as doing more science than commerce and product quality must come first. Not only present in the country, the products have been distributed by many foreign partners and are eager to transfer technology.

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And the scientific research results so far are the pride of the inventor Luu Hai Minh as well as the OIC NEW team: with more than 60 nano-research from natural medicinal herbs, not only in the field of health care but also also in the field of beauty, agriculture. Up to now, OIC NEW has 6 self-commercialized products under the OIC NEW brand and 10 products distributed by domestic and foreign pharmaceutical partners. With the objective and fair assessment of the Science and Technology Council, inventor Luu Hai Minh has owned 10 patents granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property. He shared: “I hope that within 10 years, I will have 50 inventions myself. I don’t dare compare myself to Thomas Edison, but I hope to be 1/30th with the desire to make a practical contribution to public health” – a belief that can be considered feasible when looking at the research practice of OIC NEW.

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In 2021, OIC NEW officially has more than 12 years in the field of research and development of health protection products based on Nano technology. What inventor Luu Hai Minh is proud of is not the number of products sold or the profit of the business, but that he himself did the right role of a pharmacist. The mission is to protect the health of every home and spread Nano technology to those who need it.

Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company

Tel.: 1900 63 69 13

Address: 66 Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi

Website: https://oic.com.vn/



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