Joint pain will greatly affect your daily life, especially when exercising. “Prevention is better than cure”, so even if you feel strong bones and joints, you should still consult the following tips to get in perfect shape.

In fact, joints have a lot of enemies, which are:

– Age, because joints wear out themselves with time.
– Inactive lifestyle.
– Being overweight and obese, carrying heavy loads, and some occupations that repeat a movement for a long time (for example, stamping a postage stamp).
– Eat less calcium and vitamins (especially vitamin D).
– Prolonged stress.

What to eat, what to avoid?

Need to eat more foods made from milk, lean meat (especially white meat), green vegetables and fruits, fish, peanuts and sesame. Animal fats, refined flour products (white bread, cakes) and alcohol should be avoided.

When playing sports

Do not immediately choose a sport that requires strength. Start by walking or swimming. Make the most of your time outdoors. Firstly, there will be an opportunity to provide more oxygen to the body, secondly – under the influence of sunlight, the skin will make vitamin D – a compound that is beneficial for the skeletal system.

While sleeping

– Sleep on a moderately firm mattress. The mattress surface needs to be flat, need to change the mattress if the mattress surface is convex. 
– Do not use pillows that are too high (almost sitting).
– When you wake up in the morning, don’t jump right out of bed, you need to slowly stretch like a cat. Then turn to the sides, stretch your legs, arms and at the same time drop both feet to the floor.


– When sweeping the house – use a broom with a long handle. Avoid doing crouching movements.
– Kitchen tables (cooking tables, food processing tables, sinks, etc.) need to have a height of 6-8 cm lower than the elbow.
– Standing clothing only (should be approximately waist height).


– Choose a chair with adjustable height and backrest. Set the height of the chair to a level where your feet rest comfortably on the floor.
– The monitor must be placed in the front position (not next to it!).
– In case you have to sit at the desk all day, every 30 minutes, you need to leave the table and perform some stretching movements; several forward bends and side bends; Finally, make a few movements to rotate your head to the right and left.

Remedy for joint pain

– Take the white wormwood leaves, wash them, add salt, and heat them up, then put them on the joints. When the joints are swollen, applying warm salted mugwort will reduce the pain and reduce swelling in the joints. As for those at high risk of joint pain (elderly, obese people…) can use this remedy to apply to joints daily will have a preventive effect.

– Soak your feet in warm salt water mixed with ginger. Every day, it is best to soak your feet once at a favorable time, soak for 15 – 30 minutes. Warm salt water and ginger also have the effect of soothing pain, preventing ankle joint pain. Soaking feet with warm water daily in the evening is not only beneficial for the feet but also helps prevent many diseases for the whole body.

Patients with joint pain need attention

– People with joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis should absolutely not go out when it is cold with drizzle. Because when the weather is cold, the humidity is high, the disease is worse.

– People with joint pain should wear warm socks and raincoats to avoid getting wet. If the clothes are damp, it is necessary to change immediately and dry the body and limbs. As for farmers, when joints suffer from acute swelling, absolutely do not wade in water or mud. It is best for farmers to wear boots to keep their feet dry when working in the field.”

– People with rheumatoid arthritis must be treated early to avoid adhesions and joint deformities leading to disability.



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