Stomach pain is a cyclical disease, with symptoms that will increase when the weather changes. Accordingly, when it turns cold, it will be more painful than the summer weather. At this time, the stomach will contract, secrete more gastric juice, leading to an increased risk of pain. People who already have ulcers, this time will also be at risk of recurrence. It is very difficult to prevent stomach pain at this stage because this is an environmental factor.

Cold season is the time when the immune system weakens, making the body weaker. Besides, our body needs to add a lot of energy to keep the body warm and fight the cold, that’s why people often feel hungry and eat too full, making the stomach not have time to adapt. when you have to work “hard” to convert food into energy, which in turn can lead to stomach pain

Cold weather leads to overeating, especially at dinner, resulting in difficulty sleeping, not sleeping well, causing fatigue, headaches, long-term leading to nervous breakdown and also the cause. In addition, winter is the season of alcohol and spicy, hot, grilled foods, hot pot… These foods are also sources of strong irritation to the stomach and increase symptoms of the disease.

So how to protect the stomach in winter?

Some tips from a doctor about digestion will help you protect your stomach and digestive system in winter:

– Limit eating foods that are too hot or too cold, especially not too spicy to avoid stomach irritation.

– Avoid raw or undercooked foods, stimulants.

– Do not overeat, especially at dinner

– Keep the body warm, especially the abdomen.

– Increase the intake of vegetables and tubers.

– Prioritize using foods rich in energy, vitamins and soft foods, cooked thoroughly.

– Exercise to increase adaptability, strengthen the immune system.

Besides, you should combine the use of foods and herbs to protect the stomach lining, preventing stomach ulcers from recurring in the winter.

Health supplement with Liquid Nano Curcumin is researched and produced by Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC NEW). The product has been patented by the National Office of Intellectual Property No. 16095 2016.

Products that support the treatment of people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, women giving birth, people recovering from health. With the size of nano Curcumin nanoparticles (20-40nm), the product is completely soluble in water, penetrates easily through cell membranes and absorbs into the blood up to 99%. With only 2ml of Liquid Nano Curcumin per day and after only 2-3 weeks of use, customers can feel their condition is significantly improved.

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The product is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine.



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