Established in 2009 with the name Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company, OIC NEW has spent 7 years in-depth research on Nano technology. And after 11 years of dedication to this path, OIC NEW has more than 60 researches and 10 Nano patents granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

Why Nano and the Story of Capturing Technology

“Why Nano?” – This question is often asked to Mr. Luu Hai Minh – Chairman and Director of Research and Development of OIC NEW. And without hesitation, he replied: “Nanotechnology is the foundational technology for the 4.0 technology revolution. In the past years, from the time of its establishment in 2009, people mentioned Nano very recently because of the nano in activated carbon, nano in water purifier, nano silver…. but no one has mentioned Nano in biomedical and pharmaceutical chemistry”.

Similar to the story of putting pebbles in a jar, ordinary medicinal herbs are likened to pebbles, the size of these pebbles is too big to fill the gaps. But for nano-medicine, at the size of 20-30 nm, it will easily penetrate through the cells and go deep into the body, increasing its absorption into the blood and helping the medicinal herbs to promote optimally. its use. Many people worry that the use of Nano technology will lose the properties of medicinal herbs. However, with OIC NEW’s technology, the essences of medicinal herbs are always preserved in use and benefits for users.

Doing science is synonymous with research and development

In 2016, OIC NEW launched the first product, Nano Curcumin in liquid form. This is considered a new breakthrough in the preparation of nano curcumin, when the market for nano curcumin products to support the stomach emerged as a fever. Not following the path, OIC NEW chose the quality solution as the top priority and the OIC Nano Curcumin Solution was born after 7 years of research. Then, continuously from 2016 -2020, OIC NEW created a Nano wave with more than 50 researches and launched many products extracted from nature to help overcome many current diseases such as: liver, gallbladder, bone. joints, blood fat, cerebral circulatory insufficiency, cardiovascular, male physiology, female physiology, fat loss, diabetes, …

OIC NEW received the title of the main industrial product of Hanoi city

With a series of massive research projects, OIC NEW has been awarded Enterprise Awards for many years by the Association of Science and Technology, Hanoi People’s Committee. Not only that, Nano OIC products are also highly appreciated by experts and are distributed at major agents, hospitals, and pharmacies across most of the provinces. The belief that OIC NEW brings to customers is the real value of “true and on point” scientific research.

OIC NEW always carries with it the mission of a scientific enterprise. Therefore, after grasping biomedical Nano technology, OIC NEW focuses its resources on research and product development. Inventor Luu Hai Minh once shared that “in the future, it is possible to make Vietnamese herbs and medicinal herbs help overcome many chronic and malignant diseases”. In addition to products with materials imported from abroad, OIC NEW always appreciates Vietnamese medicinal herbs, familiar plants of Vietnamese people in traditional medicine. Changing the view of traditional medicinal herbs with low or slow effects of Vietnamese people. When applying Nano technology to these products, OIC confidently turns Vietnamese plants into typical products in the world health care market. As proof of that, OIC NEW has been successful with Nano health care products from natural herbs branded Made in Vietnam and reached international level with major partners in the US, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, ….

New journey – new mission

After more than 11 years of asserting itself in the market and receiving the trust of customers for its products, OIC NEW continues its research and development journey, constantly striving to produce “golden” products for customers. health. Not only in the field of Biomedical Sciences, OIC NEW has been implementing other Nano application researches in beauty, agriculture, environment, etc. to create greater value, to thoroughly exploit the uses of Nano. stronger.

OIC NEW’s vision is from the core Nano technology, which can create an ecosystem, a network that connects individuals and businesses from product development to commercialization to the market. Because OIC NEW’s desire is that more and more customers can choose for themselves high-value, effective and reputable products.

“OIC’s responsibility is the responsibility of a new age scientist.”

Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company

Tel.: 1900 63 69 13

Address: 66 Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi




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