On the evening of November 7, 2020 at Ly Thai To Flower Garden – Hanoi, a program to award the prestigious Brand certificate was voted by Vietnamese consumers “Vietnamese products chosen by consumers in 2020” for 141 people. Reputable and quality products.

In 2020, the voting criteria as well as the voting method have been improved scientifically and more rationally by the BTC, ensuring publicity and transparency in the process of evaluating and scoring products and services. In the end, there were 141/189 products and services of 103 businesses in the Top 4 products voted by consumers to meet regulations. Nano OIC products are honored to be in TOP 2 Vietnamese goods loved by consumers with products: TPBVSK Nano Resveratrol, TPBVSK Nano Ginkgo Biloba.

OIC NEW representative is honored to receive the certificate of Top 2 Vietnamese goods loved by consumers in 2020

In order to gain the trust of consumers, over the years Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company (OIC NEW) has continuously invested heavily in research and development of health care products with public application. nanotechnology. With the goal that Vietnamese goods compete directly in quality and price with imported goods, OIC NEW is confident to be the unit with the largest number of nano products in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical products, with good quality. Best.

OIC NEW currently owns remarkable achievements such as:

– More than 50 research on nano products in healthcare field; beauty (perfume, shampoo for men and women); Agriculture,…

– 10 Utility Solution Patents, 2 Patents for the Process of preparing nano preparations granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property

– 6 self-commercialized products

– 8 products transferred and distributed exclusively

Products of OIC NEW have been distributed in many pharmacies, hospitals, agents nationwide and present in countries: USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan. 

OIC NEW offers: 

– Health and beauty care products from natural herbs, nanotechnology application dụng

– Pharmaceutical nanomaterials for companies in functional foods and pharmaceuticals at home and abroad

– Get research orders (OEM) 

OIC NEW is committed to true Nano – For comprehensive health with the following criteria: 

– Exclusive Nanotechnology

– Raw materials with the highest purity with clear origin: the highest purity 98%, raw materials from Vietnam, USA, EU, Japan

– Produced in a factory meeting GMP standards: Nam Ha Pharmaceutical



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