Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a type of endocrine disease caused by a disorder of blood sugar metabolism that causes blood sugar levels to be consistently high. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type diabetes. This is one of the common diseases today that greatly affects the health and life of patients, especially when this is the cause of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, kidney failure …

For people with diabetes, drinking a lot of alcohol can affect blood sugar levels, making your condition worse. So what is the relationship between alcohol and diabetes?

Diabetics should pay special attention to the use of alcohol, because they are the cause of serious complications for the disease. Alcohol negatively affects the liver, thereby altering blood sugar levels in the body. Alcohol can also interact with certain diabetes medications. To better understand the relationship between alcohol and diabetes.

Alcohol can interact with diabetes medications

Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause your blood sugar to rise or fall abnormally. When you have diabetes, your doctor usually prescribes certain medications (such as sulfonylurea and meglitinides) to lower your blood sugar. While taking these medications, drinking too much alcohol can lead to severe hypoglycemia or insulin shock.

1.Alcohol interferes with liver function

When you drink alcohol, your liver will have to work hard to remove the toxins in alcohol from the blood, making its inherent blood sugar regulation function significantly reduced. Therefore, you absolutely should not drink alcohol when your blood sugar is already low.

2.Don’t drink alcohol when you’re hungry

Food helps reduce the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. So when you are hungry, you absolutely should not drink alcohol, instead combine eating when drinking.

3.Take care of your blood sugar before using alcohol

Alcohol affects the liver’s ability to produce glucose in the blood. Therefore, to ensure that your blood sugar is always at a stable level, you should avoid drinking alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.

4.Alcohol lowers blood sugar

After drinking alcohol for a few minutes or hours, your blood sugar will tend to drop. So you need to check your blood sugar right after. If the glycemic index drops to 100 mg/dL, start with some food to correct it somewhat.

*Let’s practice drinking alcohol slowly

– Drinking alcohol with a reasonable time will reduce the bad effects on your body. Depending on the weight of each person, the time required for drinking alcohol is also different.

– Drinking too much alcohol can make you feel lethargic and drowsy. This is a symptom of low blood sugar. When symptoms of hypoglycemia begin to flare, you need to take food or glucose tablets to raise blood sugar again.

– Everyone has their own limit when it comes to alcohol. You need to discuss with your doctor to determine your health status. In some cases, women with diabetes should not drink alcohol more than once a day, while men should not exceed two times a day.
Diabetes, Alcohol, and Social Drinking

Diabetes and Alcohol



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