Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Eastern countries including Vietnam because of its ability to cure many diseases, and when science developed, scientists proved that curcumin, the essence of yellow turmeric, has many precious biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antibacterial, quick-healing, free radical-killing, anti-cancer.

Succeeded in creating health suppplements Liquid Nano Curcumin from curcumin, with nanoparticle size 40-50nm, soluble in water reaching 98%, helps to increase absorption by 300% and 80 times more effective in treatment than conventional Curcumin, with the same quality standard as the US Nano Curcumin product, higher than that of India and China.

Health supplements Liquid Nano Curcumin is produced from Vietnam Curcumin (reaching 3-pic quality) with raw materials from yellow turmeric in areas such as Hai Duong, Nghe An and Binh Duong.

Scientific evidence of health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin is distinctly different from other products on the market

Thin layer chromatography

Sample 1: Pure Curcumin (material)

Sample 2: Curcumin + Quercetin  (prepared microemulsion)

Mẫu 3: Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC (commercialized products on the market)

–   Thin layer chromatography condition: pre-coated TLC, TLC silica gel 60 F254 (Merck)

–   Deployment solvent: Dichloromethane-Toluene-Methanol 5:4:1

–   Show traces: normal light, ultraviolet light at wavelengths 254 and 366 nm, 10% H2SO4 reagent.


                + Sample 2: outside of curcumin, there are ingredients that is known in wavelength 366 nm of Quercetin

                + Sample 3: There is an insignificant amount of impurities, and a compound at the bottom, which has a stronger polarity than natural curcumin in a fairly large amount. It is demonstrated that in sample 3 Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC, there is a chemical transformation of curcumin into another compound, more polar than curcumin.

UV-vis Analysis

– UV-vis in water and in alcohol

By UV-vis spectroscopy, we found that the positions of the pics between the raw curcumin and the product curcumin completely coincide. This shows that the integrity of the functional groups that determine the activity of Curcumin is completely guaranteed.

– Định lượng nồng độ curcumin bằng UV-vis

Using UV-Vis to quantify Curcumin content in mixture (with dilution factor x 8000-32000 times to build a standard curve): the results show good linearity and Curcumin concentration ranges from 15- 20%.

Fluorescence emission measurement

Fluorescence emission spectra at 405 nm, 480 nm and 525 nm show the luminescence of curcumin. Thus, the conjugate groups in p-p in the curcumin molecule are not affected during the preparation of the microemulsion system

Coating mechanism, the role of PEG, EG

Firstly, the curcumin content in nanoparticles of the Vietnam’s Academy of Science and Technology is about 15% high, while other products usually only reach <10%.

Second, The nanoparticle size is stable, in the range of 30-60 nm, so it can easily penetrate the cell membrane to promote its effectiveness.

Third, water solubility is increased hundreds of times compared to commercially available nano curcumin. 

The cell endothelial structure is 200 nm, so it is enough to allow nanoparticles with a size of less than 100 nm to pass through the cell membrane, so it is necessary that the nanoparticle size is smaller than 50 nm. Because if the nanoparticle is smaller than 50 nm, the ability of curcumin particles to penetrate deep into the cell membrane increases, but it is not necessary to have a high nano curcumin ratio, the ability to support healing is optimal at 15% content. So, you don’t need to drink a lot to have an effect.

As the only Nano Curcumin product in Vietnam in the form of a good water-soluble liquid, it is very easy to use and clean after use. OIC company has aimed at high convenience for customers when attaching 1 ml spoon so that customers can accurately measure the amount of Nano Curcumin used daily.

OIC focuses on researching and bringing to market products from Vietnamese medicinal herbs that apply Nanotechnology similar to health supplement Nano Curcumin solution within the next few years.



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