It is because of the omission of ulcers that peptic ulcer disease is not incurable but … difficult to cure! Even the rate of stomach cancer is also increasing due to complications of benign diseases in the stomach because long-term ulcers are not treated thoroughly.

Many studies show that most ulcers are caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori (HP). When H. pylori enter the body, it moves very quickly, penetrates the mucous layer of the gastric mucosa and produces catalase, protease, and exotoxins, these substances damage the gastric mucosa, causing ulcers. stomach and duodenum.

An ulcer occurs when a person’s stomach produces too much acid, causing a burn in the stomach lining.

Ulcers are also caused by anti-inflammatory drugs if they are used for a long time. Anti-inflammatory drugs that can cause stomach ulcers are aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, ketoprofen, dexa…

In addition, the disease is also caused by an irregular lifestyle, eating a lot of spicy and sour substances, eating unscientifically on time, drinking a lot of alcohol, working under prolonged stress, staying up too much at night, people who are often anxious and afraid. fear and being under intense stress or mild stress over a long period of time… Physical or emotional stress can aggravate an existing ulcer.

Ulcers not only reduce the quality of life of the patient, but also can cause many dangerous complications such as gastrointestinal bleeding, if the ulcer is too deep, it can cause gastric perforation, the ulcer can stretch. If you have pyloric stenosis, the patient will often experience nausea, vomiting, and weight loss.

Inflammation in the ulcers persists for a long time, causing the gastric mucosa to be deeply damaged, fibrous cells, atrophic inflammation and replaced by intestinal proliferative tissues (intestinal heritage). Chronic atrophic inflammation combined with long-term disseminated intestinal proliferative tissue causes the production of gastric cancer cells.

Therefore, in order to avoid recurrent gastric ulcers and lead to dangerous complications, patients should not only take drugs to treat symptoms, but need to find ways to heal ulcers in the mucosa.

What to do to heal stomach ulcers quickly?

In order to completely treat peptic ulcer disease, it is necessary to synchronously manage problems including eradicating HP bacteria, reducing the amount of stomach acid, neutralizing acid and protecting the damaged area to give it a chance to heal on its own.

Treatment to eradicate H. pylori bacteria from 2 to 3 weeks, followed by medication to reduce stomach acid for 8 weeks. Most sores heal during this time.

In order to prevent ulcer recurrence, besides Western drug regimens, it is used with natural herbs that have antibacterial, anti-acid, fast-healing properties, and protect the gastric mucosa. Among them is Nano Curcumin, a high-tech dosage form of yellow turmeric essence.

Since ancient times, in traditional medicine, turmeric has been known as a valuable medicinal herb to help heal wounds, quickly heal scars, effectively used in cases of chronic stomach ulcers.



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