Colon cancer is considered a very common malignancy, ranking 3rd among gastrointestinal cancers after stomach cancer and rectal cancer. Despite its slow growth time and late metastasis, colon cancer has a high mortality rate. Therefore, signs of colon cancer are very important, especially when these pathological signs are very few. Here are the signs of colon cancer that you should know.

1. Stomachache

This is a common symptom of colon cancer. Abdominal pain comes from many different causes, so people with abdominal pain are often overlooked. The symptoms of colon cancer are pain that is not strong and clear but dull pain like the pain of appendicitis. Abdominal pain is usually located in the pelvic or epigastric region.

2. Digestive disorders

Like abdominal pain, digestive upset is a very common symptom but can also be a sign of colon cancer. In the case of frequent digestive disorders or alternating between diarrhea and constipation, we should be careful.

3. Constipation, bloody stools

People with colon cancer often have symptoms of stool that see blood mixed with stool, the blood is usually gray, but rarely bright red. That’s because when stool passes through the tumor changes in size and causes bleeding. Tumors that form in the colon are also the cause of small bowel movements. Sometimes in the final stage, the patient also finds the anorectal prolapse, the number of bowel movements increases, sometimes with constipation, sometimes with diarrhea.

4. Weight loss

Tumors in the colon secrete chemicals that change the body’s metabolism. This causes the patient to lose weight suddenly. Most likely, this is a sign of cancer, especially cancer of the colon, stomach or other parts of the digestive tract.

5. Fatigue, weakness

Fatigue and weakness are also signs of colon cancer, but they are easily overlooked because patients think they are overworked. However, even after resting and still feeling exhausted or exhausted quickly for no apparent reason, cancer may be the cause to consider. At that time, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately to find out the cause and specific treatment direction.

Colon cancer is completely curable if detected early and treated promptly. Early detection through signs of colon cancer is an important step in the treatment of the disease. Therefore, when experiencing the above warning symptoms and suspecting signs of cancer, you should go to the nearest medical facility for examination.



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