Today, arthritis is quite common and more dangerous when the disease becomes chronic. This disease is characterized by the absence of obvious pathological symptoms even when joint damage is visible on x-ray examination, leading to a condition that only be recognized when it becomes chronic disease. To know if you have arthritis or not, you can watch the symptoms below.

1. Joint pain when moving

The manifestation of this symptom is that you have a feeling that the joints are painful when moving and the pain goes away when resting. This symptom is usually due to a slowly progressing arthritis that can cause constant pain, when you have this condition you should limit your movement.

2. Joint stiffness in the morning

The sign of this symptom is that you always feel your joints are stiff, especially in the morning, lasting for more than 30 minutes, and relieved slightly after rest. This is a common symptom of chronic arthritis. This stiffness can limit the range of motion, although you can provide some relief by moving the joints after a few minutes.

3. Swollen joints

The manifestation of this symptom is that you see not only swollen joints in your fingers and toes, but also swelling in your joints. According to experts, joint damage can promote the development of osteophytes near the joints, causing the joints to become inflamed.

4. Joints make noise when moving

When moving, do you pay attention to the “cracking” noises coming from the joints? You need to know that, when the joints are damaged, noise can be made while you move, due to the bones rubbing against each other. If you have this symptom, you are in the early stages of arthritis.

5. Weakness of muscles around joints

The manifestation of this symptom is that the muscles around the damaged joints are gradually weakened and the muscles are often tired when moving. The lack of regular and long-term movement is the cause of the muscles around damaged joints gradually weaken.

6. Pain and difficulty in moving hands

Manifestations of this symptom are difficulty in tying shoelaces, turning keys in locks, using knives and forks… The affected joints may be redder than the surrounding skin, painful and hot when being touched.

With rheumatoid arthritis, many different joints in the hand and wrist are affected, making it difficult to control the hand and fingers. Rheumatoid arthritis is a symmetric disease, meaning that both sides of the body, legs and arms tend to be affected at the same time. Meanwhile, if you have osteoarthritis, the affected joints are often asymmetrical.

If you find yourself suffering from one of the above symptoms, do not hesitate but quickly see and consult your doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment method, to help slow down the progression of the chronic inflammatory arthritis.



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