Turmeric powder, Turmeric starch, Curcumin and Nano Curcumin are produced from turmẻic but they have different properties and functions. The difference in these 4 types of turmeric products comes from the manufacturing process and their mechanism of action.

    Turmeric powder

Fresh turmeric, filter out all the rough spots, wash, then cut into small pieces, dry in the sun or dry, then grind.

Fresh turmeric contains only 0.3% curcumin, which is the main ingredient that determines the miraculous preventive and curative effects of turmeric, the remaining 99.7% is acid, resin, essential oil and other impurities, so if used outside It is easy to cause skin irritation, when used inside it causes liver heat.

Due to the manual production and preservation process, turmeric powder is susceptible to bacteria, mold, dust and external impurities. Therefore, manual production of turmeric powder with low curcumin content still has many potential risks for the gastrointestinal tract, but does not bring high therapeutic effect because it is difficult to eat the necessary amount of turmeric every day.

How to identify yellow turmeric powder:

– Color: Yellow turmeric powder has a dark yellow color

– Taste: pungent, strong turmeric smell and bitter taste

– Fineness: not smooth, grainy.

Turmeric starch

It is turmeric powder that is filtered to remove all the fibrous residue, then leave the filtered water for about a day for the starch to settle down, then decant all the water, then bring that starch to dry.

Turmeric starch also contains only about 3% curcumin.

How to identify yellow turmeric starch:

– Color: Yellow turmeric starch has a light yellow color.

– Taste: not pungent, with the aroma of turmeric, slightly bitter taste.

– Smoothness: Smooth, noticeable on hands.


Curcumin is extracted from yellow turmeric root. Curcumin contains 95%-99% curcuminoids (including curcumin, desmethoxycurcumin and bisdesmethoxycurcumin) which are powerful antioxidants. This rate is 30-90 times higher than the above two products.

Usually 1 ton of fresh turmeric extract 33kg of Curcumin.

However, due to its relatively low bioavailability, the absorption of curcumin into the body is not high.

 Nano Curcumin

To solve the above drawback of curcumin, scientists have come up with a solution: Make Curcumin’s size very small for easy absorption & extremely strong adhesion force. Nanotechnology has brought Curcumin to nano size and they are called Nano Curcumin. With a super small size from 30nm-100nm, Nano Curcumin disperses well in water, the solubility increases thousands of times compared to conventional curcumin.

The ultra-small nano size also helps Nano Curcumin penetrate into the blood quickly to promote the therapeutic effect in most different organs in the body.

However, on the market today, there are two forms of nano curcumin, powder form and solution form. The liquid form contains a higher concentration of nano curcumin and the body’s ability to absorb it is also increased.

Applying Japanese production line technology, Nhat Hai New Technology Joint Stock Company – OIC New has launched the product HEALTH SUPPLEMENT LIQUID NANO CURCUMIN

With nano size < 39 nm, the particles are stable in the solvent so Nano Curcumin particles easily dissolve up to 98% in water, increasing the maximum absorption capacity for the body. The ultra-small nano size also helps the Curcumin Nano particles to penetrate quickly to promote the therapeutic effect in most different organs in the body.

OIC NEW’s health supplement Liquid Nano Curcumin is a useful product to support the treatment of stomach ulcers for thousands of patients with SPECIAL uses:
– Antioxidizing
– Protects and heals gastric mucosal damage
– Helps wounds heal faster, fade dark spots
– Help restore health for women after giving birth
– Helps protect and enhance liver function
– Strengthen immune system



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